Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

I want to wish each & everyone of you (my greatest fans) a very Merry Christmas This Christmas is bitter sweet for Kathy and I  our hearts are sadden of the news of Kathy's brother Billy Jean he has COPD and if he has any virus that might strike him flue or whatever he will not be able to fight it so please pray for him as  we are. Our  plans are to just put our home (RV) in temp storage for a few weeks in Jan. and drive to Arkansas to spend some time with him and his wife Paulette. So we will not be in Yuma this year. On a good note we will spend a a few days with  two of our four children and our Granddaughter and Grandson and family who are coming home the 28th through the 2nd  Please enjoy your time with family and friends this Christmas  as they could be taken from you at anytime. Until the next post have safe travels.    

Friday, December 13, 2013

Staying in Tucson for Christmas

Well folks we have moved back to DMAFB till the 27th seems that the HOAs at our Daughters allow motor homes but classified us (5th wheel)as a trailer which we are but still an RV well anyway we got 86 out of there got to spend a month before receiving eviction notice lol  but will return for 4 or 5 days last of Dec when our grand kids will be there then on to Yuma for a month and then back to Tucson where I will have a left knee replacement surgery the 24th Feb, getting old is not for sissy's not looking forward to it  but someone has to do it. Well I hope all of you are doing well and have a Merry Christmas and safe travels.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tucson & time

Can't believe that December is here already where did November go? Kathy & I are trying to get around to seeing friends & finish up on appointment's before leaving for Yuma the 10th for a few months.Our Thanksgiving was great hope yours was also. Now Christmas is around the corner, where does the time go? Oh well as you know all plans are written in jello. I guess I'm rambling on today just feel a little rushed to finish up and move on. Where does the time go? Looks like another winter storm will start moving in tonight and bringing rain and colder temps need to move some plants around and put some things in basement to stay dry and we have two appointments today and need to get tires rotated on truck and call a few friends and go to storage and change some things out and need to do some shopping. Wanted to meet up with  my cousin and husband in Casa Grande for lunch before they leave Phoenix friday but running out of time. Where in hell does all the time go? Oh well suck it up and move on David. Hugs to all and safe travels.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Graser RV park

The Graser RV park is really our Daughter & son-in-law's home. They wanted us to stay on their property on the 49ers country club on the 6th fairway which they moved into this summer well after many seconds of debating the request we ask to look the parking area over first and if it was opened enough to receive satellite and close enough for sewer we would accept their offer When we arrived in Tucson we stayed at DMAFB for a week to look the parking area over we then took them up on their generous offer and had a 50 amp hookup put in and I was able to run sewer to a clean out  all is well and good so It looks like we have a great place to say when we are in Tucson. We have had a great time playing cards and having dinner and walking their dog and walking the golf course and of course Kathy has her birds . I even got my clubs out of storage and  have been getting prepared to play on Thanksgiving day I just hope I don't embarrass my son in law (Jeff) or his dad Jim any way we will have a great Thanksgiving and hope all of you do the same. Until later safe travels.  

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Casa Grande and Tucson

We stopped over the weekend and visited our friends that live in CG and had a great visit stayed at Casa Grande RV resort (used to be a western horizon park) anyway used Passport america and got 50% off daily rate. Usually don,t endorse many parks but if you are in that area it is a nice well run park.

Went on to Tucson Wed. and are parked at DMAFB went over to see our daughter & son in law Wed. evening they bought a home in  49er's CC  this year and it is a very nice home they both work hard and long hours and are certainly deserving to live there. Very proud of both of them  we will be here till at least the 1st of Dec so if you are in the area give us a call. Until later hugs and safe travels.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Laughlin NV

Arrived yesterday afternoon at Riverside rv park been here a few times and not a bad place to stay for a few days. Traffic thur south LV and  Henderson was very busy and it was 10:00am which I thought was a little unusual. We had a buffet at Harrah's last evening and it was good not like the nugget in Pahrump oh well we don,t eat out much but the casinos are different and we did a few slots but still didn't pay for the buffet. sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.. Will do a little shopping today and fill up with fuel for our drive to Casa Grande AZ tomorrow where we will spend the weekend visiting our friends Jack & Carol Van. Then on to Tucson for a month or more anyway the weather has been great. Until later safe travels.  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pahrump NV

HI all arrived in Pahrump  yesterday for a five day,s rest and enjoy the sunshine stay. We were able to use passport america  for a great savings. Went to the nugget last evening for buffet it was OK but for sure have had better. Today the park had a BBQ plate for $7.00 per person the food was great and the C&W music was a big plus and I won a Preferred RV Resort cap where we are staying. on the ticket drawing  the folks here are very friendly and make you feel welcome. The escapee park here won,t let you wash the rig but they do here and believe me it sure needed it after all the driving in the rain we did on the PNW coast. I  got that done this morning , almost walked pass it coming back from the BBQ. We plan to visit Death Valley while we are here never been there need to see it before the congress closes all national parks again as you can tell by my sarcasm  I 'm not happy with Washington DC these days. Kathy and I are fine we have sunshine hummingbirds and NASCAR whoopee. well not much more to say will leave here Wed. and go to Laughlin NV for a couple days, then to Casa Grande to visit friends before we arrive in Tucson for a Month. Until later safe travels.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Roseburg ,OR

Well we made it to Roseburg Tuesday and have been hanging out with Pauline (a long time friend ) and her beautiful granddaughters. It has been colder here that what we would like and the heater has been getting a workout. We will leave here Tuesday and head to AZ will spend one night in Mount Shasta or Weed Calf and then to Fallon NV for a night or two then to Pahrump NV and Laughlin  then into AZ. Well that's our  plans we will see lol. Kathy did get to see the black Oyster catcher in Newport and that made her day and summer. We will visit Pauline the next three days and just hang out its always great to visit our friends in our travels  and this lifestyle allows us to do that. Not much more to add but we sure are looking forward to warmth and sunshine. in few days so until later friends and family safe travels.  

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Newport and the Black Oyster Catcher

We arrived in Newport the 24 th Sept for a week,we've been here before and have stayed at the Newport RV & marina park nice view of the marina & bridge. Went shopping and sightseeing for a couple days and then the weather started arriving this is a pretty big storm the remains of a typhoon that hit Japan a week back so we have been souped in with winds and rain  and are missing places that we would like to see again. Kathy wants to see the black oyster catcher that frequents this area which can be elusive for her birding list.The weather should start clearing out Tuesday the day we were scheduled to depart.  We decided to stay another week. oh well that's what is good about this lifestyle you have the flexibility to change your plans. I  need to get a few things done to the RV so that's the name of that tune and Kathy needs to see that darn bird. so hopefully I will have good news about the elusive oyster catcher in my next blog until later Safe travels.  

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Lewis & Clark ended their journey here in Astoria where they found the Pacific ocean just a few miles west of here. We visited the interpretive center yesterday which is the site where Capt's. Lewis & Clark and the  the men know as corps of discovery  (us army enlisted men) spent the winter here  before heading back they built  Fort Clatsop and hunted fished and traded with the Chinook & Clatsop Indians to sustain them through the winter. The center is very informative and a must see if you spend time here. also we visited what is know as the Astoria Column its built in the early 1900s on top of the largest hill in the city and built like a lighthouse you can see where the Columbia River empty's onto the Pacific ocean , sand bars and river channel for miles very pretty and you can get a since of what this area is all about. with other rivers that empty into the Columbia another must see. We will leave here the 24th and go to Newport OR so until later get out and see this wonderful country that we live in. Safe travels.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Astoria ,OR

Arrived yesterday and are all set up here in Warrenton at Camp Riley army national guard base. 10 full hookup spots on asphalt  been here before and really like the Astoria  area lots of history with Lewis & Clark   and the mouth of the Columbia River will be here a week maybe two, will relax for a few days after having a great time in WA. will post more later about this area. until later safe travels.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day, our last few days in Washington.

We will leave here Tuesday the 3rd and go to Astoria OR for a week We have had a great summer up here and have made new friends here in the park and seen old friends who spend time up here  The best part was being able to spend time with son's David & Clay we said our goodbyes last weekend and its always sad to leave them but they both seem happy and you can't ask for more than that.  The Lord has blessed us with great weather, friends and family. Looking forward to seeing the Oregon coast again as it has its own beauty. Until later folks,safe travels wherever you are.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Whidbey Islands

Our friends Steve & Sandy invited me, Kathy and Marty over to Oak Harbor on Whidbey island for a day visit We left Port Townsend on the ferry and they picked us up on the other side at Coupeville which is a very pretty old town.We drove up to oak harbor where they grew up and showed us the town and brief history of where Steve and Sandy met and use to hang out, also the Navy base is located there. next was  Deception pass where you cross the only bridge to the island it is very pretty area up there and they have a beautiful state park there. Next we were shown Penn cove world renown for their mussels very picturesque setting and historical town and cove. We were next taken to their beach house that Steve's dad built and they recently inherited they prepared lunch for us (which was very good thanks Sandy) They have been busy cleaning out the house and making repairs and if you live on the beach you are always trying to keep up with the weather damage that is constant how you can get any work done is beyond me because with the shipping lanes, sea life, birds  its so pretty there how can you find time to work.Our time was running down and and they drove us back to the ferry it was a great visit and will stay in our memory banks. Thanks again Steve and Sandy for a great day. Safe travels everyone.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Visiting family

Saturday we took the ferry over from kinston to Edmonds WA to visit my cousin and her daughters family (Val & Jay) in Snohomish who have moved up here from Florida.Our two sons David & Clay picked us up and the four of us spent the day visiting. My sons have never met their second cousin and family they have three sons  Jay Brandon , Kyle who are living at home and Aubrey their other son is married and living in Fla. Everyone bonded very well. My Cousin Carol and her husband Dean are visiting with them for a few weeks they have a motor home and are able to park it at the house. Dean is a master carpenter and is doing some cabinetry work that Val wanted They hope to come over here one day to visit with us I hope they can do that as they have not seen this part of the country and this time of year it is wonderful up here. Today was great sunny and deep blue sky can't beat that, Kathy and I just set around watching birds and working a jigsaw puzzle. and somewhat watching NASCAR . Hope you folks are enjoying your day wherever you are.Safe travels.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mystery Island (Nordland WA)

We have moved to Smithy's RV park outside of a small fishing village of Nordland WA one mile from Fort Flagler state park the owners are very nice and the folks that are staying here are very friendly. Kathy is a happy girl, has bird feeders up and our space big and has flowers & plants everywhere. We had our friend Marty over last evening for happy hour & dinner Kathy cooked a great southern dinner of fried chicken mashed potatoes green beans biscuit & gravy,Marty needed a wheelbarrow to get to his truck lol. Our sons will be over Sunday on the ferry and Kathy has another great meal planned ,I might need a wheelbarrow also if she keeps this up. Marty says he will come over here for a week in Aug when his Daughters and family come over to Ft Flagler for a camping outing I think we are going to Port Townsend this afternoon to the boatyard, the brewery there is putting on a BBQ and samples should be fun. Well until later folks, safe travels.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Port Townsend & Chimacum WA

Hi all well its been a while  since I posted so will bring you up to date. We stopped in North Bend for the night and sons David & Clay drove over from Renton to see us  we had  a great time cooked hamburgers and got caught up to date. The next day we arrived in Port Townsend the 15th one of our favorite towns, parked on the water and watched the yachts & sailboats move in and out of the harbor for four days and the weather was great . Moved up to Chimacum  to a SKP park and have been here running around here and David & Clay came over on the ferry Sunday 21st we spend the afternoon in the town of Bainbridge walking around the waterfront and just hanging out and enjoying the weather and sites, then they took the ferry back over to Seattle. Tomorrow we will move to a new park about seven miles from here Smithy's RV park where we have more room and trees for Kathy and the birds and its only a mile from fort flagler state park where its very scenic will be there a month. Well thats about it for now so all of you have a great summer and safe travels.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Leaving Clear lake

Well tomorrow we will travel to North Bend WA for one night  sons David   & Clay will drive over from Renton for the evening haven't seen them in two years looking forward to hugs. Will then travel to Port Townsend WA for 5 days on the beach then hopefully to Chimacum for a month or two. Sons will come over on  the ferry Sunday and then Kathy and I will travel to Seattle the next Sunday plan to do this every week if possible till we leave, anyway looking so forward to visiting them and that area again will also spend time with our friend marty who will meet up with us in PT then we all plan on the SKP Park in Chimacum for the summer so until later fans, safe travels.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kathy's Birthday wish

Hi folks yesterday was Kathy's Birthday I ask her what she wanted to do on her special day. So being the somewhat great husband that I am, off we went to little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge pronounced "pondoray" in northwest Washington for a day of bird & wildlife watching. The refuge is located about 50 miles from the Canadian border. We had a great day but did not see the amount of wildlife & birds that kathy had hoped to, but the scenery was wonderful and the weather was spot on. and you know the story" happy wife happy life" We had a great day. Well today is the 4th of July" Independance Day" please remember those men & women who gave so much for the freedom that we enjoy today. We are doing well and hope you folks are too. So enjoy life wherever you are and Safe Travels.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Clear Lake WA.

Rain, rain,rain it started raining when we left Missoula MT on Wed. and rained all the way here and today is Friday the 21st. Finally there is a little sunshine out there   Oh well life is good and we are settled in here thur 13 July. Went into Spokane (Fairchild AFB) yesterday about 9 miles from here dropped of a care package to our grandson Josh who is deployed to Guam just a few things like nuts & beef jerky, crackers and things like that to brighten up his day. stopped by the BX and commissary to pick up a few things Got me a Washington  fishing licence which cost a fortune wish states would be kinder to us old people but it cost to maintain fish & wildlife. also got a Washington state park pass which we use a lot when we are in the Seattle and Puget sound area.  Well not too much to add hope to start fishing soon when the weather permits hope all is doing well. Safe travels.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Missoula MT

Hi all we made it to Missoula yesterday pm staying at Jim & Mary's RV park and its a nice one if you are in this area we recommend you stay here. They had live entertainment last night follow by ice cream free free free can't beat that. we will do a little shopping today then come back and just hang out and enjoy the weather. Will leave tomorrow and go to clear lake WA near Spokane plan on being there for three weeks. Our visit with Kathy's brother in Bozeman was good they treated us to a pontoon ride on the lake nice day and very relaxing . Well thats about it for now will let you know about clear lake later on. Safe travels.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bozeman WY

Well the wind was a little stiff today but made it to Bozeman today will be here thru the weekend visiting Kathy's brother & family had a bad storm last night in Sheridan and was told it rained here all night looks like the weekend should be sunny . The rivers were up and the Bighorn river was really flowing the hills and mountains are really green. Colorado could sure use some of these rains hard to believe the fires they are having there. Well until later have safe travels.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sheridan WY

We made it to Sheridan yesterday will stay two nights. Rained hard last night lost satellite reception twice. Anyway today is nice will do a little sightseeing today, shopping, fuel up and head to Bozeman tomorrow to see Kathy's brother & family will be there thru the weekend. Hope all of you are doing good wherever you might be,safe travels.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Still in Cheyenne

We are doing good just hanging around and have cleaned up the walking trail that was overgrown with willows, good bird watching on the trail. There are big horned owls roosting in nearby trees here in the campground. two adults and two babies see them late in evening and sometimes during the day.  Always good to see owls, good food source here for them and hawks. We plan to leave Wednesday and go to Sheridan,WY for a couple days then on to Bozeman anyway you all have safe travels and will keep you posted.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheyenne WY

Well we signed up for a week here and maybe will stay another week. My cousin and husband (Carol & Dean Mizer) came up from Loveland CO yesterday and we went to the railroad museum and then to outback for dinner We seen them in AZ. in April and might get to visit them again in August when they will be in Seattle to visit their daughter & family.   It is always great to see family or friends in our travels thats what is good about this lifestyle. It's been quite windy here the last few days hope it lets up soon and we could use a little warm up also. Oh well at least NASCAR is running this weekend so being inside won't be too bad.  There is so much early American history around here so maybe we can at least visit some of the sites around here. Until later safe travels.  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cheyenne ,Wy

Hey we made it to Cheyenne yesterday and all set up on FE Warren AFB  the fam camp is nothing special but the setting is nice there is a stream that run through it and wildlife all around, a  herd of antelope roam here and see them often birds for kathy and rabbits & squirrels abound.Looks like we will stay here a while will decide by tuesday as to how long. As you know it is Memorial  day weekend please take time as I know you will and and pay respect to those that died and served and thanks to the Men & Women that continue to serve our country and preserve the freedom that we have,Safe travels.   

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Colorado Springs

Hi all you followers well we made it to the AF Academy fam camp the 22nd it was windy and cool wednesday night and thursday was mostly drizzly but we got some shopping done and got a good nights rest. Friday was a great day sunny and warm about time we did a little running around and got fueled up. Today we leave for Cheyenne WY we will stay at FE Warren AFB never been there but are moving west and it was in our line of travels  If we like it there we might spend a week or two all depends. We understand that verizon service is iffy there but supposed to have good wifi  so time will tell anyway will try and post if wifi works so got to get ready to move and all you folks have safe travels we really don't like to travel on weekends but could only stay here three days and it is Memorial day weekend oh well.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heading west.

Finally left Chanute KS today The weather lifted this morning and we made it to WaKeeney KS for the night windy all day but feels good to see sunshine again. We feel so bad for the folks in OK we were on tornado watch for two days & nights glued to the weather channel,so say prayers for those folks. Will arrive in Colorado springs tomorrow for three days we both need R&R from the stress.  Then on to Cheyenne WY for a week or two. until later safe travels to all.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Plans change

As I said earlier our plans are written in jello so do to forecasting storms in west Kansas we will stay here in Chanute till tomorrow better safe than sorry. Safe travels.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Leaving Chanute heading west

We decided to leave here tomorrow (18th) and go to Colorado Springs a few day early the 19th due to the AFA graduating the week of the 25th as they will be full. at least we will get six days there and then head up to Cheyenne for maybe a week or so after all our plans are written in jello. We have enjoyed our stay here except for the repair expenses which could have been worse for sure. anyway all is good here. will post when we get to Colorado springs. Safe travels.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chanute KS

Hi Gang we put  our home in the hitchhiker service center Monday am figured  to get it back late Thursday but was told today that they would have it ready late Wed. the hotel has been ok but ready to get our home back and a day early is a plus  and it looks like the cost will be under estimate which is another reason for letting them do the repairs plus six months warranty on repairs. Kathy and I figure to stay in the city park thru the weekend and head west Monday looking at staying at Colorado Springs Air Force Academy  fam camp will call tomorrow and see about reservations for a week or two hope that works out will let you know on next post  Chaunte is a nice little town in the heartland of this great country and if you have a chance to visit here for a few days you will like it also. until later gang have safe travels.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wichita KS

Hi all we have made it  to Wichita KS for a few days staying at McConnell AFB fam camp. this is a nice little camp ground with two fishing ponds and pretty surrounding   Had some weather with hail last night so far looks like no damage. Will leave tomorrow for Chanute KS  will spend the weekend there getting ready for the motel for a week while our home gets repaired for flooring issues and to replace the left side skirting from damage on a tire separation  we had in NM at least we know they will do a good job and have the parts. Next is to try and get Goodyear calms to pay for the skirting damage. Well we have little to complain about the Lord has been kind to us and we thank him. Will try and keep  you all informed and up to date as to our travels and our adventure's until later safe travels.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

El Paso

Hi all we have arrived at Ft Bliss fam camp for the weekend have been visiting our Grandson & family he will be deploying this week to Guam. Its up in the air as to how long but hoping no more than 180 days. weather has been nice and the winds have died down . We will have a cookout today before saying our goodbyes. He has turned into a good soldier and we are very proud of him  anyway until later safe travels and please keep him and all our service men & women in your prayers.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Deming NM

Hi all just a line to let you know we arrived in Deming last evening to visit friends who live here the wind has been bad all night and today. We will leave for El Paso in morning plan to stay at FT Bliss for the weekend to visit Grandson Then leave on Monday. Deming is a nice little town along I-10 good for a few s days stop over. Surprisingly a number of folks winter here but maybe a little too cold for us in winter.We are staying at dream catcher(Escapees) rv park  Scott & Penny are managing it now they were in Branson MO at the SKP park there and say they really like it here.Anyway not much more to say so safe travels  hope to see you you down the road.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

test post

hadx some computer work done and this is a test post.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A change to our travel plans

We will go to our factory in Canute KS the 13th-17th of May we have two slides that flooring needs to be replaced due to water damage have not found out where the water came in but kind of suspect the weep holes or windows no visible signs of water damage on inside or outside just rotten flooring in slide on corners under windows. Waiting to find out if insurance will pay or leave us hanging either way we will get work done. so after that we still plan to go to Washington, Oregon for summer just need to plan different route but that's down the road. our planed date for leaving Tucson is still up in the air depends on Weather which is a coin toss anyway.Kathy & I are doing fine Hope to visit our Grandson in EL Paso before he is deployed not much more to add as they say same old s#*t just different day. Oh our classmates Rick & Terry Traver came up from Benson Sunday we had lunch and a great visit, always good to see friends. Well until later watch the weather & safe travels.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back in Tucson

Hi gang well we arrived in Tucson the 14th after spending 3 months in Yuma.We had a good winter and now its time for DR appointments and visiting friends & family before heading out for the summer.We will probably be here till the middle of April.We drove up to Casa Grande Saturday to meet my 1st cousin and husband (Carol & Dean) who is visiting his sister who lives in Phoenix and we also visited with our dear friends Jack & Carol who live there. We all had a good time and hopefully got caught up on everyone's plans for the summer.We also have a few RV friends ( Escapees class of 2007) who are in this area that we will visit with also. Not to much to report for now the weather has been stiller for this week and Kathy has her hummingbird feeders busy so life is good. Wishing all of you safe travels and hopefully might get to see some of you this summer.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our Canada friends

As some of you know Yuma is Canada south for our friends from the north. Since we have been wintering in Yuma for the past 6 years we've met a lot of folks that come here for the winter and most come here from the Pacific Northwest & Canada in a RV. We have had the pleasure to meet quite a few and see them each year. We've had happy hours together and play cards and generally just BS and have fun. Duncan & Ruth, Jerry & Ronda The Holt's & Colin (who store's our smoker each year) which reminds me I need to smoke some chicken for him to show our appreciation. Anyway Ruth & Duncan were over the other night and showed us a new game called sticks which we all really enjoyed so much that I went to the market place(flea market)this morning and bought the game. Canadian's are fun loving folks who for what ever reason put up with us Americans (thank goodness) as we are running out of friends as a nation. I just wanted to thank them for befriending & putting up with us and hope to see each and everyone of them again this up coming winter. Safe travels out there.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hi fans well we went to Algodones Mexico last week had a dental appt. for a cleaning and they found a small cavity and repaired it total cost was $80.00. They do good work down there. The reason it probably cost so much in the states is insurance and law suits and taxes. but as long as we have access to going down there I will use them. We had a good meal and came back with no problems We've been going down there for dental & glasses for 3 years now. Had some friends Bob & Marge from Tucson come over Tuesday and they left this morning we had a great visit and we took them down to Algodones for lunch and a little shopping the girls bought some jewelry and we had some good Mexican food and then crossed back into the USA. We went to the Yuma Territorial prison where they kept the bad guys before Arizona became a state late 1880s to early 1900 it has been a while since we were there and they have made some nice changes over the years and very informative and interesting I sure would not want to be locked up there. Well all is good with us we are enjoying our winter visit here and plan to leave for Tucson in March. Until later safe travels.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Working way too much

When we were in Georgia this summer we met up with friends that we have know for years Billy & Kay, well billy and I worked together in Tucson. Anyway we met up with them for a few days and their RV shined like new. Billy told us about the product he used called (Poliglow) said it is time consuming but worth it,well we ordered the kit and I (we) decided to get started on applying it. This product works great on boats and anything that is fiberglass, boats are one thing as you can stand on the ground or a small ladder and reach the entire surface well not true with a RV motorhome or 5th wheel as they will require a extension ladder or tall step ladder. The last two days have been hell you have to hand clean the area with a special cleaner wash off and dry then apply the poliglow with 4-6 coats. with a minimum of 1-10 minutes drying time in between depending on outside temps and you are looking at doing a small area at a time I must have been up and down the ladder 500 times in two days and I'm only about 1/3 done. Folks let me tell you I'm warn out and using a heating pad in the evenings. Today is Sunday and the Lord give me the day off. I will get started again tomorrow if I can roll out of bed. But the RV is looking good. the weather is great mid to high 70s daytime and is ideal for this task. hope to get the rest done this week if I can move.Hope all you folks are enjoying your lives wherever you are and think of me as I only have 750 more trips up and down that ladder. Safe travels.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Warming up

Well after 5 days of unusual cold here in AZ its starting to warm up. Kathy and I drove to Phoenix Sunday to visit her brother & sister in law Mike & Rita Smith it was a short visit but worth the trip they are house sitting and looking after 3 grand daughters while there daughter & son in law are taking a few days of vacation anyway it was a good visit and we made it back to Yuma before dark.we have been kinda of home bodies not to much happening around here. Looks like some folks we know are arriving in "Q" (Quartzsite AZ)for the big happening this month as most RVers are aware of it is truly amazing to see all the RV's that invade this small town in the winter time. We will probably go up for a day soon. Hope all of you are doing well and have safe travels.

Monday, January 14, 2013

just running a test

This is a test post been having issues logging on to blog so seeing if this works.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weather change

Well after many warm days a cold front will chill us off for a while looks like a 10 to 15 degree temp drop and possible rain oh well I'm not complaining its still good compared to most of the country. Kathy and I went out to Mittery lake and Imperial Dam and drove around the BLM land out there a few days back looks like the winter visitors are down in numbers compared to pasted years and there are RV lots out where we stay that are still vacant Maybe its the economy or folks want to try another snowbird area. We haven't been down to mexico yet it might be interesting to see if its as busy down there as it has been in the past years. Oh well not to much happening here hope all of you out there where ever you might be are doing well and staying warm. Safe travels.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013 to all

Just a note to wish all of you a Happy New Year all is fine here in Yuma. Hope all you have a great upcoming year maybe we will see some of you in our travels this year. The weather has been good a little cool at night and mostly sunny, day time temps could be a little warmer but its better than most of the country We are just hanging out not doing much but will do more visiting and sightseeing in the weeks ahead. Safe travels.