Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hi all Kathy and I traveled to Tucson for two days and oldest son went with us He stayed at his sisters and we went to DMAFB stayed in Air Force inn on base as our daughters house was full and we like a place to get away from all the family fun for a peaceful nights rest and our own bathroom..We had another great Christmas with the family. Arrived back in Yuma this afternoon and it is good to be able to sleep in our own bed. We are so spoiled! We have so much to be thankful for that God lets us live this great lifestyle that we have chosen. Wishing each and all a Merry Christmas. May God bless you and safe travels.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yuma AZ ( for the winter)

Hi all! Well Kathy and I arrived in Yuma yesterday afternoon. We plan on being here till March but as many of you know plans do change and in this great lifestyle they do and frequently. We stay on this residential lot in the foothill area of Yuma. We have rented from (Richard) for three years and he treats us right.The weather is great most of the time. This week is high 70s day to mid 40s night.Give out a shout if you are in the area. We already have classmates Howie & Norah at the Elks Club I think and will get with them soon and go to Mexico for glasses and maybe Dental.You all take care out there and safe travels.

Friday, November 26, 2010


We hope everyone had a great thanksgiving with family and/or friends. We went over to Karen & Jeff's house (Daughter & son-in-law) Had a great feast prepared by Karen, granddaughter Briana, Bonnie Jeff's mom and Kathy. The guys Audie Briana's boyfriend, Jim Jeff's dad, Jeff and myself had a great time watching football,eating,drink a few beers, take a little nap,eat some more, watch football some more eat some more, play some card games eat some more.We truly have so much to be thankful for. We called & talked to family that live across this great country because they could not be with us and had a nice conversation with them all. The weather here in Tucson is a little on the cool side this week 60s daytime high 20s low 30s nighttime but still better than in a lot of the country. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. Safe travels.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hi fans well we went to the races in Phoenix dry camped for six days had a great time. We have been attending the nascar race for 12 years and are avid followers. Our Friends (Jack & Carol) have been parked next to us for 9 years and are the folks that got us started in NASCAR they had their 16th wedding anniversary the 12th and Kathy and I surprised them by attaching their card to a cardboard standup of their favorite driver Carl Edwards. So our yearly NASCAR fix is over with and we are parked back in Tucson (DMAFB)till Dec. then on to Yuma.Until my next post wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tucson AZ (DMAFB fam camp)

Hi fans we are back in Tucson where we lived and worked for 30+ years.Our Daughter and family live here and we've had a great visit with them haven't visited much with friends yet but yesterday we had classmates (2007) RV friends Rick & Terry Traver came up from Benson SKP park and we had another great visit and went out for Mexican food and got caught up on everyone's travels this summer. We leave Tuesday and will go up to the NASCAR races in Phoenix this is our fix for the year and are looking forward to seeing our NASCAR friends up there.Weather looks great for the week and then we will come back to Tucson till around the 8th of Dec anyway will post if there is any news to write about. Wishing all safe travels.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

El Paso TX (Ft Bliss)

Hi all you blog fans.We Arrived 20th Oct and are parked at Ft Bliss fam camp. Our Grandson Josh is stationed here and the 22nd was his 20th birthday.Offered to take him out or cook for him he said he was ready for a home cooked meal. We had a great visit and its good to see him growing into a fine young man. He is adjusting to the army life and likes what he is doing but if he told us what it is he would have to kill us. (LOL) Also Saturday we had my Cousins daughter and family down from Las Cruses Barbie,Mike, and there daughter and two grand kids a 5 and 2 year old nice looking kids. I wished I could have a third of there energy. We had a great visit its been many years sense We've seen them. We seen Josh again last evening and maybe again tonight,anyway we will leave here tomorrow and land in Tucson for a while. I know you all will be on pins & needles waiting on my next post. until then safe travels.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Altus OK (Altus AFB fam camp)

Just a few lines to let those great folks that follow my blog know where we are.When we left Branson we stayed overnight in Chandler OK on Wed.the 13th and arrived in Altus the 14th. We plan on leaving here Monday the 18th with plans to overnight in Lubbock 18th and overnight in Pecos the 19th. Our plans are to stop in El Paso to visit Josh (our grandson) who is stationed there at Ft Bliss. Will update from there. Altus AFB is a training base for KC-135s C-17s & C-5s air traffic is very busy.There are 7 FHU campsites with 50 amp for $11.00 nightly and have been mostly full so its best to call ahead and make a reservation The base is very clean and modern. We have had great weather and a good relaxing stay here so until next post safe travels.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Branson Mo

We arrived in Branson on Tuesday Staying at the SKP park in Hosister. We really like this area and the weather has been outstanding.Opened up my e-mail Wed. morning and found out that John & Lora Newby (Our escapee 2007 classmates and friends) were in Springfield visiting a friend and wanted to see if we could meet up somewhere. Well after much thought (10 seconds)gave them a call and set up lunch at Mel's hard luck dinner in Branson. Mel's dinner has good food and the employees sing for you, they are all inspiring entertainer's trying to make a go at it in the music industry and are very good. J&L arrived with their friend Mary a very nice lady that worked with Lora in Alaska and is considering the RV lifestyle. We had a great lunch then drove down to Branson Landing and walked around the shops and lake area which is very scenic. We got caught up on our summer travels then bid farewell. (Safe travels dear friends) Kathy and I secured tickets to the Ray Stevens show for Thursday evening we have wanted to see him for a long time but he has not been here when we have been in the past,but we finely caught up with him YEA!!! He put on a great show and performed his hits from past years, it was a very good day and evening. We will leave Wed the 13th and head west to AZ until next stop. Safe travels.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Paragould AR

Just a Quick update We arrived in Kathy's home town Thursday PM after a two day visit with her cousin Nancy in Sullivan MO. We decided to stop and see her Brother and sister in law again before heading to AZ for the winter. We will leave here Tuesday and stop in Branson as we both really enjoy that area and the SKP park in Hollister.We have had many great experiences this summer and now fall is approaching so until later safe travels.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hampton IL (Mississippi River)

Hi to all my fans! Kathy & I arrived in Hampton IL Thursday 23rd The RV park is located on the banks of the Mississippi (Illiniwek Forest Preserve)in the city of Hampton there is a COE park just down the road a mile but they don't have water at the sites and this park has both elect and water for two dollars more a day There is a lock and dam #14 out our window it offers a good view of the barges going thur the locks. Yesterday we toured the Rock Island Arsenal which is a active army base and they have a great Museum of ordnance developed from the 1800s to present day and they still manufacture weapons for the U.S. The Museum is opened to the public and there is also a National Cemetery and a Confederate Cemetery as this was a prison camp during the Civil War where over 1900 prisoners perished during the war mostly from(smallpox). The Corp of engineers operate lock and dam #15 here and have a visitor center that explains the complete operation and history of the Mississippi River waterway. The tour was very informative and I think is a must see if you find yourself in this area. The Arsenal offers so much for us history buff's. Not sure what we will do today maybe just hang out and enjoy the sunshine as it has been rainy the past few days We will leave Monday and head to Canton Mo for the night and then onto Sullivan Mo for a few days. Why you ask? Because we can. Hugs and safe travels.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tomah (FT McCoy) Wiscinsin

WE arrived here Thursday pm stopped overnight @ Shabbona lake State park (Shabbona IL) where Kathy picked up two new birds on her life list, nice little park with elect only. This is our first visit to Wisconsin and some hardwoods are beginning to change along with the weather.A little cool here in the low 50s at night and mid 60s daytime with some rain in between. We plan a week here this is a Army training base and covers a big area they have a great Fam camp here but is pricey compared to other military camp grounds.Kathy's brother Butch and sister in law Barb will come down Monday for a two days from Minneapolis its been a few years since we have seen them.Butch did his summer camp here when he was in the reserves many years back. looking forward to their visit. We will be heading south when we leave here not sure which route we will take yet but plan to stop in Ark. for a few days to visit family before heading to AZ for the winter. As you know by now our plans are written in jello so when I post again it could be from anywhere. Hope everyone had a great time at the 50th escapade in Goshen. Later and safe travels.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elkhart IN

Hi to all you that are waiting to see what I will post next. Kathy and I pulled into Elkhart campground RV park on Tuesday pm we moved a grand total of 12 miles, boy it was a tough trip fighting a head wind all the way,but with very little help from gamin (Bitchin Betty) we managed OK. We pulled into our spot and our friend Marty Cassidy came over to greet us after a few minutes of greeting's Marty left to let us finish setting up. Kathy invited Marty over for dinner later he brought over a bottle of wine and a side of coleslaw to go along with the fries and brats that I grilled. Marty is Kathy's wine drinking Buddie they talk about grapes and birds and I throw in my knowledge of hops & Barley and we catch up on our travels and future travels we had a great visit that evening. Marty left for Michigan Wed. morning after breakfast we might see him again before we leave this area. There are a lot of folks here in this park that we know from our travels.they are staying here before going to Goshen on Friday for the Escapades (Escapee's rally) yep 12 miles away. Everyone is in a parting mood and the class of 2007 will be well represented. Kathy and I did not sign up this year as we really did not know when we would be up this way,but here we are and will plan on day tripping over to visit and insure that folks are behaving themselves.

We went shopping for recliners yesterday and after some discussion went back to Lambrights furniture today and ordered the two that we liked. Will pick them up Monday and will leave our two for them to give to less privileged folks that can use them.

The Amish people up here are hard workers very skilled craftsmen and they are very strong in their beliefs. most use horses for farming and transportation so as you can imagine there are horse droppings all along the roads. One thing that puzzles me is that there are no minorities in the Amish community. I can't believe that the ACLU has not looked into this???? We have also been following the Quilt garden tour and have seen some awesome flower gardens and Kathy has been taking pictures of and maybe will post them on her blog soon. I still don't have the skill to post them yet but one day hopefully will learn when kathy has the patience to teach me. Until our next adventure safe travels.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Goshen IN

Kathy and I arrived in Goshen IN staying at the fairgrounds here with a FHU site for Labor day weekend.We thought we would do some shopping for new RV furniture this weekend but everything is closed Ran into some friends Bob & Molly Pinner & Paul & Connie Anderson that happen to be here to prep for the Escapee rally that will start I believe on Thursday. We will move on Tuesday to Elkhart IN about 10 miles west as they will close fairgrounds here to prepare for rally. We didn't sigh up for Escapade this year as we not sure where we would be at this time of year but might day trip it over to visit folks and vendors if we are still in area. Will rest up today and get ready to move tomorrow and start shopping. Later folks and safe travels.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Monroe Michican

We are parked in Wm. C Steering state park our view out the back window a few hundred yards is lake Erie. Monroe is home to General George Custer and also In the war of 1812 was the famous battle of River Raisin out of that battle (Which the British forces won) came the rallying cry "Remember the Raisin" Kathy and I are driving up to Ypsilanti MI about 50 miles north to visit a cousin that lives up there (L'Reata & Gene Albright)we haven't seen in a few years. We will leave here Friday not sure where we will land next probably north Indiana as we want to look at replacing some of our RV furniture.Please keep our friends Jay & Fay Carter in your prayers as Jay is recovering from brain cancer surgery and will start treatments soon. until later safe travels.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wooster Ohio

We arrived Friday 27th at the fair grounds (Wayne County)here in Wooster and landed in the middle of chapter 36 (Escapees) rally. We stopped here to visit family and the SKPs said they are family so we parked with them. The rally hosts Don & Diane were very understanding and my family that came out saturday to visit us got a glimpse of what this lifestyle is all about. We all went out to eat Sat. evening and the rest of my family that didn't come out to the fair grounds met us for dinner we all had a great little reunion. Today we visited more with family and tomorrow will do a little of the same. We will leave Tuesday and go to Michigan for a few days. Why you ask because we have never been there!!!! Safe travels.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Salem Ohio (Small Bump)

Hi Gang well we are in Salem Ohio arrived here Friday towed in by a strange truck. We had a check engine light come on followed by a see dealer now message. Well we were on a two lane road and 20 miles from Salem where we had planed to spend the weekend anyway. and then a few miles out the truck lost power a few times so panic and stress entered my brain. As there were no place to pull over no shoulder to pull off on. Found a small business and pulled into their parking lot and while Kathy was on the phone with "Good Sam road service I went in and asked them if we could use their parking lot till a tow truck arrives they said no problem. The truck ran so we repositioned our home and disconnected. In about 40-50 minutes two trucks arrived and the roll back took our truck to dealer and the other took our home and us to the park (Stoneridge Terrace) nice campground that has Passport America discount We called ahead to get the spot lined up and I called the Dealer to brief them on the truck. They said they would get on it first thing Monday We called enterprise rental car and scheduled a pick up on Saturday morning for car. We had friends in the area that we planned to see Paul & Connie Anderson,called them and they wanted to help in anyway but we declined. We picked up our car Saturday and done our weekend grocery shopping and then invited Paul and Connie over for a visit. We haven't seen them in two years so we got caught up on our travels and made them stay for dinner then reluctantly let them get home before dark. They were staying in a COE park near by. Its always always great to see folks we have met in this lifestyle some of you know what I'm talking about.We picked up our truck today, they took good care of us a few parts and a little money and it looks like we are back in business. We will leave here Wednesday and go to Wooster Ohio to visit family we plan on staying at the fair grounds.Well before I close this I will ask for Prayers for Two RVing friends of ours Jay & Fay Carter. Jay will be having brain surgery Thursday or Friday for a mass that was found a few days back and yesterday Fay had a heart attack in her hotel room. They put in two stents today and she is recovering but Im sure she is worried about Jay. please keep them in your Prayers. Sometimes when we have bumps in life they are very very small compared to others. Until later safe travels.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Niagara Falls NY

Hi again Kathy & I arrived here the 16th staying in a nice but small RV park in North Tonawanda about 7 miles from the falls. We decided to take a two day tour of the falls so on Tuesday we did the American side. Our driver picked us up at the park and we picked up about 15 others along the way. we were driven to see the Whirlpool where the river changes direction after the falls and that change in direction causes a Whirlpool very impressive as the water is moving around 22 knots. and is in class 5 rapids. Next up is the maid of the mist a boat tour that carries around 200 passengers to the bottom of the American and Canadian falls hence the mist they give everyone a poncho and believe me you will get wet but it is a great view and you really sense the power of the water.Next up was the Cave of the winds you are given a poncho and sandals taken down in n elevator and follow the board walk to the base of the falls here you get really wet and that water is cold but it is so cool to be there.You take elevator back up and then have time to walk over and view the falls eye level which is a great view first day over. Next day picked up again and driven to Canada (need passports)we dove around the area and seen the beautiful gardens and viewed the Whirlpool from the other side and could see where the water leaves that area on its way to lake Ontario. next up was a trip under the Canadian falls and viewed thur tunnels and yes you have ponchos as you get wet there also. The next stop was Maid of the mist from the other side but sense we did that the day before the others were dropped off and Kathy and I were treated to the world famous fallsview Skylon tower 520 feet tall with an observation deck and revolving restaurant you can see both falls and surrounding area this is an awesome 360 degree view and was the best. Kathy and I had a great time. If you are in this area please take the time to see the falls We will leave tomorrow on our way to Ohio and that will be another story. Safe travels

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mercer PA

We have found our way to Mercer PA a quaint little town in northeast PA . We arrived on Thursday pm and settled in for the evening. Friday we called friends of ours that are staying in the area for the summer( Ron & Linda Fleeger) members of a rag tag group of full timers class of 2007 that we met along with others in you guessed it 2007. We drove over to where they are staying and they drove us around and showed us the beauty of this area great hosts. they came over for dinner and a few drinks and good conversation. when you are with RV friends you never run out of places that you have seen to talk about. The next day a pleasant surprise,another couple with the class of 2007 pulled into where we are camped and parked next to us (Jim & Nancy Tidball) so a mini rally formed and we all ate drank and told stories of our adventures way into the evening hey what else is there to do We all kind of rested today and then this evening we were exposed to a great eating experience in Sharon PA that is the home of Quaker steak & lube where the original hot wings starter boy were they good. We will leave tomorrow we are going to Niagara Falls we are only about 180 miles from there so why not never been there and you just never know if you will ever be back to see them. Will let you all know how wet we get there. Kathy has been telling me about this great barrel ride over the falls she wants me to take Later gang and safe travels.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Brandywine WV & Cumberland MD.

Hi gang well we just spent a week at a Navy base fam camp (See Bee park) near Brandywine WV. They have put in three FHU spots for 10.00 a night its a great little base but what makes it special is that everybody there bends over backwards to make your stay with them special. Kathy and I stayed there (First time) to visit my two long lost sisters that live in upper tract about 20 miles away We had a great visit with them and their families. West Va is so beautiful biggest draw back is there is no verizon cel service and very limited wifi in that area we would have stay one more week if we would have had communication with the outside world. We left there today and are in Fintstone MD near Cumberland (Yea we have cel service and wifi again )we will visit my aunt (last one left) and cousins that live here, all are great folks after all they are related to me. My cousin Butch and I look so much a like that we could be brothers, hell maybe we are. We will be here three days and then move on into PA to visit Ron & Linda our class of 2007 fulltime RVers classmates. Until later safe travels.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Elkins WV

Hi folks well we left Burnsville WV on Thursday 29th stayed at a COE park there (Bulltown) good park with full hookups but for us no cel service or air card (Verizon) was there 7 days. We arrived at revelle RV camp ground 7 miles east of Elkins. We are backed up to the cheat river very pretty setting. We have good wifi here but spotty cel service depending on what tree you lean against so when we are in town we make our calls. I lived in Elkins for 2 years when I was in 3rd & forth grade some of the area looks the same but most of the town has completely changed. I have family in Harman a first cousin Jack Teter whom we visited with today just so much to catch up on its been years sense we've seen each other My other cousin Nick Teter came down for the weekend from Ohio for our little reunion Nick comes down several times a year especially during hunting season We are the only three males left from the Teter side of our family and its the only time the three of us have been togather at the same time and its great to catch up on our families. we will spend tomorrow togather before going our separate ways again but we will see Nick and his sisters in Ohio next month. Jack has a big farm that covers a whole mountain and tomorrow we will ride four wheelers to the top we are told it is really beautiful as I am sure it will be. Monday we will move over to Brandywine WV to visit my two half sisters on my fathers side (White) thats another long story We will be over there a week. until later, safe travels

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bristol TN.

We arrived at lakeview RV park in Bluff City the 14th we have a spot over looking the Holston river. We plan on being here a week.Thursday we toured Bristol Motor speedway,they charge $4.00 per person that's a steal.We were taken by a/c van around the grounds, drove down the dray strip and did two laps around the track. We took a elavator to Bruton Smith's (the Owners) suite 15 stoties up and what a view we had of the entire track. our tour guide was great and let us walk up the 31 degree banking which was tough. we bought a few things in the gift shop and called it a day. Yesterday we drove to down town historical Bristol and went down State Street. One side is in VA. and the other side is in TN. lots of shops and restraunts very pretty. We will drive around the area the next few days and see other P O Is. I dont know whats up with the beer drinkers around here but MGD is only sold in 6 pack bottles. They have Miller-Lite in cases and MGD 64 but no MGD Oh well just have to suck it up and drink Lite for a while. This is the first down side I've found doing this life style. Until later gang, safe travels

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Knoxville TN

Hi all you followers. We arrived at raccoon valley (escapees) RV park on Tuesday 29th June the manager here greeted us and told me I was not welcome but Kathy can stay anytime,so after much begging I can stay as a guess. Our friends Joe & Marcia & Billy & Kay had given the manager (Wallace) a heads up that I was to be given a hard time,but Kathy was to be treated as royalty. He played his part so well !!!!!! A great time was had by everyone. On Thursday Billy & Kay took us to Cumberland Gap National park what a beautiful place we had lunch in the quaint little town of Cumberland Gap and toured the historical little town . We all had a great day. Then on Friday evening we went out to eat with our our friends Joe & Marcia. They drove us down to the towns of Clinton & Powell in their open air Jeep we ate and shopped for (beer & wine) the weather was perfect for the drive. The park here is providing a lunch consisting of hamburgers, beans, potato salad, desert & tea or lemonade for the 4th of July for only $4.oo per person. We will be here till the 13th then move on down the road not sure were we will go yet but will post when we arrive ???? until later Safe travels.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crossville Tenn.

Arrived in Crossville Friday. We are parked at Spring Lake RV resort a really nice park and the owners are supper. We have three friends (Mike Pappy and Rip) that live here and (Larry ) that is visiting and thinking of moving here that I worked with at The Air National Guard in Tucson. It is a long story has how they each came here but it's worth telling over a few beers someday. We go back many years before Kathy and I met, so the stories get distorted or revised when she is in ear shot. They are a hoot to be around. Mike's wife is in Ohio (a family death) and will return late tomorrow so we will stay around one more day to see her. Besides Kathy needs another female to even up the bull sh--. Crossvile is a really neat place and Golfing capital of Tenn. moderate temps and laid back attitude. give it a look see if you are in this area. We are having them over tomorrow for beer and hamburgers hope kathy can survive another day till Fran arrives.We will leave Tuesday and head to Raccoon Valley near knoxsville. Safe travels.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hendersonville Tenn.

Hi gang. We arrived at Gages Bend C.O.E. park the 21st this is a great park on Old Hickory Lake we have a nice spot overlooking the lake,but is it ever hot and humid. Oh well we will make the best of it. We stoped here to visit old friends that we have know for decades the Alexander's Peggy and Carl they gave up fulltimeing after 20 years and decided to settle here to be near family.They have some great stories to fill our ears about their travels. Peggy fell a few days before our arrival and said she was doing ok but when we seen her on Tuesday she was in great pain. We realized that we couldn't get her in the car to take her (after much persuasion) to emergency room so called 911 and they transported her. Come to find out after MRI that she has a broken hip. They operated today and she came thur it with flying colors. We have been helping out the family with taking care of the house and Carl. He has trouble getting around also. Getting old really does suck. If all goes well we will leave Friday If not we will stick around and help out here. until later safe travels .

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wappapello lake (C.O.E.) park

Hi fans of David (homenomore) We arrived here (wappapello lake near Popular Bluff MO.) the15th and will stay till the 21st this is another great park with full hookups. Man has it been hot the A/C runs almost all day it's been hot for a while in this part of the south sure hoping for rain and cooler weather. Kathy's brother and sister-in law will arrive Thurstay and leave the 21st. We are planning a big fish fry Saturday with a few cousins coming over for the day from popular bluff ,should be fun hope the weather cools down by then. Kathy has her bird feeders out and has had a few hits she's a happy girl. Not much to add just hanging out. Thanks to all who called to see if we are OK after the terrible flood in little rock area but we were 1oo miles north of that. Safe travels.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monk's RV park

We arrived back in Paragould AR.(Monk's RV park is my bother-in-law's home). there have been improvements made sense our last visit some weeks back.The drive way has 26 new tons of chat (gravel rock) and elect hook up has been upgraded to 50amp. have I ever told you he is my favorite brother-in-law. Anyway we are here for 8 days Kathy needs to have a medical test done(sonogram) every six months to keep an eye on a spot on one of her ovaries for growth that was found over a year ago, and we will visit family also. It has been hot and humid so the A/C runs a lot and no big storms so far. The gardens are growing an some fresh veggies are available daily. Until later,safe travels.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weaver's Picken Parlor

We left Chanute Kansas and stopped overnight at Mountain Springs RV park (Passport Amercia) a nice little park between Willow Springs MO and Mountain View MO on Hwy 60 just off their driveway is a building that the local musicians meet at for a Friday night jam session so Kathy and I walked over after supper. They charged $3.00 each and provide seats there was about 30 -40 folks there not counting the musicians. Let me tell you those folks played the old music Kitty Wells, Hank Williams , Bob Wills . Flatt & Scrubs and old gospel it was such a treat. You just don't know what you will find traveling this great country. Safe travels.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chunate Kansas

Well here we are in Chanute Kansas getting a repair on our home. This is where the NU-WA factory is located they build Hitchhiker 5th wheels. We have broken weld that needs repaired and they have to de-skin a area on the left side just forward of the bedroom slide and the repair and curring for the fiberglass takes 3 days so Kathy and I hanging out in a motel room for two nights. This is a nice little town and we always enjoy being here. There is a city park that has about 15 RV hook-ups with water and elect the great deal is the first two nights are free and then only ten dollars a night. We will tour the factory again probably Thursday. they have fallen on hard times at NU-WA but have down sized and are holding their own and build a great product with outstanding customer service.I've heard that Dorthy lived around here and that Toto became road kill but don't quote me on that. we will probably leave here Friday and go back to Paragould for a week.Kathy needs to do a few things around there, anyway until next blog safe travels to all.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Branson MO (Turkey Creek)

Well here we are back in Branson for a while. We arrived yesterday afternoon it rained on and off all day and most of the night and is raining as I write this. After I set up the satellite dish for NASCAR race last evening I put up Kathy's bird feeder pole and she promptly filled the feeders so this morning we are watching the birds coming and going and doing some chores or I should say Kathy is doing the chores (defrosting frig and has a load of clothes going) and as usual I'm trying to stay out of her way, supervising and ducking. We will be here till the 31st of May. Our friends Billy& Kay Foust from Tucson will arrive tomorrow. They have been living in their motor home for a few years waiting for Billy to retire (Dec 31 2009) and are on the road after many years of planning, they are finally living their dream and we are very happy for them and they are loving it. Next weekend our great friends Jack & Carol Van from Casa Grande will be here for the weekend We go back many years. They are on their way to Illinois & Wisconsin to visit family and are part time RVers (Who wants to be in AZ in the summer) and have been for years. I'm sure beer & Wine will be served frequently, along with a NASCAR race or two. Until later safe travels.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paragould AR, Kathy's hometown

We are parked next to Kathy's brothers house with full hookups. Arrived the 28th April right before the storm front. The next two nights were filled with watching and listing to the storm warning. We survived with lots of rain and wind but no tornado's touched down near us. We now have sunny days yea! Been helping my brother in law move some stuff around here and in general just being a nuisance, got to pay for this great parking spot someway. Kathy is busy with seeing family and friends and she even lets me hang around with her sometimes. The farmers around here are trying to get their crops planted,hopefully the weather will hold up and give them the time they need.We will leave here around the 14th of April and head to Branson MO for a few weeks will stay in Turkey Creek ( Escapees park) there. Are planning to meet up with a few friends that will pass though this month. until later safe travels.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lake O' the pines, Texas

Arrived here Monday another C.O.E. park near Jefferson Texas we are parked by the lake and have great views. Kathy is happy as they have a good variety of birds here,been a little windy the last couple days .We went into Jefferson today to get fuel and go to post office the town is small and very old but very well restored old homes and buildings. Jefferson claims to be the Bed & Breakfast capital of the USA and I believe them as we seen a lot of them for only a 2200 folks who reside here. This town goes back to civil war days and was a "port town" for shipping goods to support the war effort. As you can imagine it has a colorful past. We found a little BBQ cafe in town and it was great (River front cafe) if you are ever here it is a must go to place. There was a beautiful sunset this evening over the lake, so I had another beer to truly appreciate it and Kathy and I went for a walk after dinner. They are having a bass tournament this week end so there are quite a few bass boats moving around checking the lake over for hot spots. A older GMC motor home parked next to us today. I talked to the owner its a 1978 and looks and runs great I've always like them but they are to small for fulltimeing. We will stay one more day and then move on. Later and safe travels.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Waco lake (C.O.E.) park

We arrived here Wed. 21st. we are liking these corps parks. We have full hookups which is great most C.O.E. parks just have elect & water. Went into town Friday to the Texas Ranger Museum would recommend it to all . when we got back to RV found out Greg & Jean slipped in on us so we had another great evening visiting with them. We had a big storm early we rocked and rolled for over an hour no big damage but some trees were uprooted.Grey and Jean pulled out Sat on there way north got them hooked on corp parks also. There are lots of water birds here so Kathy has been spending her time out looking for new birds to put on her list. We will leave here Monday morning going to Jefferson TX to another C.O.P. for two days then to Little Rock AFB overnight then on to Paragould AR Kathy's home town will be there for two weeks visiting family. I will post along the way. Safe travels.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Canyon lake tx

Arrived here Saturday had no problems with road closers do to local flooding. the parking spots here are spacious with great view of the lake and woods. We set up and then went to meet Kathys nephew (Kevin & family) for dinner in New Braunfels. The restaurant was a converted old grismill located on the Guadalupe river food was good with a great atmosphere. We drove back to the park at night dodging the deer in the rain. Sunday Kathy put her birdfeeders out and it took about 10 min. for them to find them. I don't know how she does it but she has a way the birds The nieghbors came over with a bag of corn and ask us to please feed the deer and use it up.All you have to do is put the corn in a can and rattle it and the deer come a running their grandaughter had been feeding them and the were leaveing this morning very nice folks who are from South Pardre island one thing about this life style is you meet really nice people. Howie and Norah arrived in the afternoon and after they got set up we visited and went for a walk. We were invited over last evening to play Wii and we went bowling (in a motorhome) had a great time Now kathy has instructed me that we are going shopping for one today hopefully the Glovers will go with us,after all they got Kathy all fired up over it. Later safe travels.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rain Rain and more Rain

Hi gang we are still in Boerne most of the folks have left and we all have had a great time at the Rally.There is only about 8 rigs left here. We plan on leaving today and go to Canyon Lake (COE) park about 40 miles away.The weather reports say flash flooding all around here so we will investigate more or stay here a day longer if we need to do so,after all what do us old farts need to be hurry for and its been a while sense I treaded water. Our friends Howie & Norah will move over tomorrow and maybe Greg and Jean also. Anyway my next post will hopefully be from Canyon Lake or check the news for two old farts found floating down a river in Texas in a 5th wheel.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi again from Boerne TX . Last night at the rally Mark & Renita Bracken had a work shop on wire wrapping and most of the women (Kathy included) practiced wire wrapping while most of us Men set around telling each other how we solved world problems (yes alcohol was involved) but what we notice most was how quiet the women were while diligently practicing wire wrapping so there fore we voted Mark & Renita as having the most enjoyable workshop at the rally. Seriously all the folks that held seminars & workshops had great presentations. It rained all day today but we had fun ruining around practing what we learned in geocaching workshop this morning from Bob & Greg and this afternoon John & Lora told of their travel to and around Alaska quite a few folks here have been and the rest of us want to go. We have also learned about volunteering at fish & wildlife refuges from Ron & Linda I know we've all learned something here while eating drinking and laughting escapees are wonderful folks and yes odd years still rule.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Blog

This is my first blog seeing that my wife (Kathy) got tired of me suggesting what to put on her blog I was told to GET MY OWN so here it is. We are in Boerne TX at our 2007 escapees class rally for a few days having fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Molly Pinner is having a blogging class and helping me along with Kathy. There are about 25 rigs and around 50 people here and we all are having a great time. As usual we are eating well and drinking to much so if this page appears fuzzy its the alcohol. Later