Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our Canada friends

As some of you know Yuma is Canada south for our friends from the north. Since we have been wintering in Yuma for the past 6 years we've met a lot of folks that come here for the winter and most come here from the Pacific Northwest & Canada in a RV. We have had the pleasure to meet quite a few and see them each year. We've had happy hours together and play cards and generally just BS and have fun. Duncan & Ruth, Jerry & Ronda The Holt's & Colin (who store's our smoker each year) which reminds me I need to smoke some chicken for him to show our appreciation. Anyway Ruth & Duncan were over the other night and showed us a new game called sticks which we all really enjoyed so much that I went to the market place(flea market)this morning and bought the game. Canadian's are fun loving folks who for what ever reason put up with us Americans (thank goodness) as we are running out of friends as a nation. I just wanted to thank them for befriending & putting up with us and hope to see each and everyone of them again this up coming winter. Safe travels out there.

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