Thursday, February 26, 2015

Leaving Yuma

The month is almost  gone we will leave here the 1st of March and go back to our lot in Casa Grande will only be there 4 days and then go to Tucson on the 5th for the 55 escapade we will be on the parking crew and will have a reunion with a lot of our  2007 RV classmates and all the good times that go along with the escapade. will leave Tucson on the 15th and go back up to Casa Grande till the weather gets hot usually around the end of April and then on to the Pacific Northwest for the summer. We have enjoyed our stay in Yuma for two months  and  seeing one of our sons who lives here. Not much to add I haven't posted in a while so thought I would try and catch folks up on where we are hiding and plan to hide for a while  know we will see many of you soon so until later safe travels.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A eulogy to My Brother in law Billy Jean Monk

We received word on the 24th Jan of his passing after battling COPD for over a year his final 4 days were in the hospital. We flew out Sunday morning for Paragould AR.. We are very sadden but also happy that he is not suffering anymore and knowing he is with the Lord.  The services were very good and was attended by family and many friends who Bill worked fished and hunted with and presided over by the paster who  Bill did many of the adventures with.Billy Jean Monk was more than a brother in law to me he was he was a close friend and folks often thought we were brothers and in our eyes and heart we were. Kathy was very brave and also very sadden as Bill and her were very close He will be very missed . He is survived by his wife Paulet son Matt,granddaughter Autumn,great grandson Jaden  he was proceeded in death by his mother & father and his son Mark.
We flew back to AZ on Saturday and are back in Yuma for a month. Folks hug the ones you love have faith in God as you never know when you might lose them I know this, do what you can now as life is short Kathy and I are doing what we enjoy and I know Bill and Paulet planed to do the same but plans were cut short. RIP  Billy Jean Monk as your are so loved and  missed.