Monday, July 28, 2014

Leaving Virginia Beach

We will leave tomorrow after 8 days here and go back down to Camp Lejeune Marine Base (onslow beach for 14 more days) We had great time here, my best friend in high school Steve Smith who lives in Williamsburg  Va and his wife Terry came down for a day and we had a wonderful visit catching up on lives and reminiscing about the old days.had a great lunch and dinner it was so good to see them again. The next day Rick and Terry Traver our RV friends who started out full timing the same year we did  2007  arrived for a 6 days and we had a great visit with them they left this morning on their way to New York to see family. Our granddaughter Briana arrived here Friday and left this morning. Sunday was her 26th birthday and we had a good time spoiling her and and from  now on I,m calling her the great crab legs eater I think she can eat her weight up in crab legs. We when to Capt George's Buffet where they are know for their crab legs and great service also they have other great seafood and meats.we needed a wheel barrow to get us stuffed folks to the truck lol.  Anyway we will get to see her a few more times in Onslow beach before we move on south I hope all of you are having great travels and spending time with the ones you love. Later.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Camp Lajune marine RV park at Onslow beach NC

We are here to visit our granddaughter who is a nurse in Greenville NC.and she arrived today for a three day visit. Its always great to see her.and are planning a few more visits before we leave this area the 12 of Aug.  She works 3 12 hour days and is usually off for 4  so it gives her a few gays at a time still not sure if its the beach that she really enjoys or seeing us lol.  Its  always a joy to see her and spend time catching up on our lives. Our plans are to leave here the 20th and go to Virginia Beach for 8 days before returning here again for a two week stay. We will get to see her a few more times before leaving this area and are so looking forward to those other visits. That's about it for now. Until later safe travels.

Friday, July 4, 2014

On the east coast.

We have arrived  at Mayport navy base in Jacksonville Beach FL Its a much better here weather wise because of the off shore winds and the location of the park is on the harbor of Jacksonville where we watch navy ships and chimerical shipping come and go its hot here but that's the way it is in the summer Kathy had a great birthday yesterday and today we are going to a pot roast at the RV club house . We will be here to the 11th and then head to NC Camp Lejeune marine base which is on the ocean also.where our granddaughter will come down and spend some time with us . WE missed hurricane Author only got a few showers and gusty winds. Well I hope all of you have a great safe 4th of July and safe travels.