Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lake O' the pines, Texas

Arrived here Monday another C.O.E. park near Jefferson Texas we are parked by the lake and have great views. Kathy is happy as they have a good variety of birds here,been a little windy the last couple days .We went into Jefferson today to get fuel and go to post office the town is small and very old but very well restored old homes and buildings. Jefferson claims to be the Bed & Breakfast capital of the USA and I believe them as we seen a lot of them for only a 2200 folks who reside here. This town goes back to civil war days and was a "port town" for shipping goods to support the war effort. As you can imagine it has a colorful past. We found a little BBQ cafe in town and it was great (River front cafe) if you are ever here it is a must go to place. There was a beautiful sunset this evening over the lake, so I had another beer to truly appreciate it and Kathy and I went for a walk after dinner. They are having a bass tournament this week end so there are quite a few bass boats moving around checking the lake over for hot spots. A older GMC motor home parked next to us today. I talked to the owner its a 1978 and looks and runs great I've always like them but they are to small for fulltimeing. We will stay one more day and then move on. Later and safe travels.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Waco lake (C.O.E.) park

We arrived here Wed. 21st. we are liking these corps parks. We have full hookups which is great most C.O.E. parks just have elect & water. Went into town Friday to the Texas Ranger Museum would recommend it to all . when we got back to RV found out Greg & Jean slipped in on us so we had another great evening visiting with them. We had a big storm early Sat.am we rocked and rolled for over an hour no big damage but some trees were uprooted.Grey and Jean pulled out Sat on there way north got them hooked on corp parks also. There are lots of water birds here so Kathy has been spending her time out looking for new birds to put on her list. We will leave here Monday morning going to Jefferson TX to another C.O.P. for two days then to Little Rock AFB overnight then on to Paragould AR Kathy's home town will be there for two weeks visiting family. I will post along the way. Safe travels.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Canyon lake tx

Arrived here Saturday had no problems with road closers do to local flooding. the parking spots here are spacious with great view of the lake and woods. We set up and then went to meet Kathys nephew (Kevin & family) for dinner in New Braunfels. The restaurant was a converted old grismill located on the Guadalupe river food was good with a great atmosphere. We drove back to the park at night dodging the deer in the rain. Sunday Kathy put her birdfeeders out and it took about 10 min. for them to find them. I don't know how she does it but she has a way the birds The nieghbors came over with a bag of corn and ask us to please feed the deer and use it up.All you have to do is put the corn in a can and rattle it and the deer come a running their grandaughter had been feeding them and the were leaveing this morning very nice folks who are from South Pardre island one thing about this life style is you meet really nice people. Howie and Norah arrived in the afternoon and after they got set up we visited and went for a walk. We were invited over last evening to play Wii and we went bowling (in a motorhome) had a great time Now kathy has instructed me that we are going shopping for one today hopefully the Glovers will go with us,after all they got Kathy all fired up over it. Later safe travels.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rain Rain and more Rain

Hi gang we are still in Boerne most of the folks have left and we all have had a great time at the Rally.There is only about 8 rigs left here. We plan on leaving today and go to Canyon Lake (COE) park about 40 miles away.The weather reports say flash flooding all around here so we will investigate more or stay here a day longer if we need to do so,after all what do us old farts need to be hurry for and its been a while sense I treaded water. Our friends Howie & Norah will move over tomorrow and maybe Greg and Jean also. Anyway my next post will hopefully be from Canyon Lake or check the news for two old farts found floating down a river in Texas in a 5th wheel.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi again from Boerne TX . Last night at the rally Mark & Renita Bracken had a work shop on wire wrapping and most of the women (Kathy included) practiced wire wrapping while most of us Men set around telling each other how we solved world problems (yes alcohol was involved) but what we notice most was how quiet the women were while diligently practicing wire wrapping so there fore we voted Mark & Renita as having the most enjoyable workshop at the rally. Seriously all the folks that held seminars & workshops had great presentations. It rained all day today but we had fun ruining around practing what we learned in geocaching workshop this morning from Bob & Greg and this afternoon John & Lora told of their travel to and around Alaska quite a few folks here have been and the rest of us want to go. We have also learned about volunteering at fish & wildlife refuges from Ron & Linda I know we've all learned something here while eating drinking and laughting escapees are wonderful folks and yes odd years still rule.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Blog

This is my first blog seeing that my wife (Kathy) got tired of me suggesting what to put on her blog I was told to GET MY OWN so here it is. We are in Boerne TX at our 2007 escapees class rally for a few days having fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Molly Pinner is having a blogging class and helping me along with Kathy. There are about 25 rigs and around 50 people here and we all are having a great time. As usual we are eating well and drinking to much so if this page appears fuzzy its the alcohol. Later