Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheyenne WY

Well we signed up for a week here and maybe will stay another week. My cousin and husband (Carol & Dean Mizer) came up from Loveland CO yesterday and we went to the railroad museum and then to outback for dinner We seen them in AZ. in April and might get to visit them again in August when they will be in Seattle to visit their daughter & family.   It is always great to see family or friends in our travels thats what is good about this lifestyle. It's been quite windy here the last few days hope it lets up soon and we could use a little warm up also. Oh well at least NASCAR is running this weekend so being inside won't be too bad.  There is so much early American history around here so maybe we can at least visit some of the sites around here. Until later safe travels.  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cheyenne ,Wy

Hey we made it to Cheyenne yesterday and all set up on FE Warren AFB  the fam camp is nothing special but the setting is nice there is a stream that run through it and wildlife all around, a  herd of antelope roam here and see them often birds for kathy and rabbits & squirrels abound.Looks like we will stay here a while will decide by tuesday as to how long. As you know it is Memorial  day weekend please take time as I know you will and and pay respect to those that died and served and thanks to the Men & Women that continue to serve our country and preserve the freedom that we have,Safe travels.   

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Colorado Springs

Hi all you followers well we made it to the AF Academy fam camp the 22nd it was windy and cool wednesday night and thursday was mostly drizzly but we got some shopping done and got a good nights rest. Friday was a great day sunny and warm about time we did a little running around and got fueled up. Today we leave for Cheyenne WY we will stay at FE Warren AFB never been there but are moving west and it was in our line of travels  If we like it there we might spend a week or two all depends. We understand that verizon service is iffy there but supposed to have good wifi  so time will tell anyway will try and post if wifi works so got to get ready to move and all you folks have safe travels we really don't like to travel on weekends but could only stay here three days and it is Memorial day weekend oh well.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heading west.

Finally left Chanute KS today The weather lifted this morning and we made it to WaKeeney KS for the night windy all day but feels good to see sunshine again. We feel so bad for the folks in OK we were on tornado watch for two days & nights glued to the weather channel,so say prayers for those folks. Will arrive in Colorado springs tomorrow for three days we both need R&R from the stress.  Then on to Cheyenne WY for a week or two. until later safe travels to all.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Plans change

As I said earlier our plans are written in jello so do to forecasting storms in west Kansas we will stay here in Chanute till tomorrow better safe than sorry. Safe travels.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Leaving Chanute heading west

We decided to leave here tomorrow (18th) and go to Colorado Springs a few day early the 19th due to the AFA graduating the week of the 25th as they will be full. at least we will get six days there and then head up to Cheyenne for maybe a week or so after all our plans are written in jello. We have enjoyed our stay here except for the repair expenses which could have been worse for sure. anyway all is good here. will post when we get to Colorado springs. Safe travels.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chanute KS

Hi Gang we put  our home in the hitchhiker service center Monday am figured  to get it back late Thursday but was told today that they would have it ready late Wed. the hotel has been ok but ready to get our home back and a day early is a plus  and it looks like the cost will be under estimate which is another reason for letting them do the repairs plus six months warranty on repairs. Kathy and I figure to stay in the city park thru the weekend and head west Monday looking at staying at Colorado Springs Air Force Academy  fam camp will call tomorrow and see about reservations for a week or two hope that works out will let you know on next post  Chaunte is a nice little town in the heartland of this great country and if you have a chance to visit here for a few days you will like it also. until later gang have safe travels.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wichita KS

Hi all we have made it  to Wichita KS for a few days staying at McConnell AFB fam camp. this is a nice little camp ground with two fishing ponds and pretty surrounding   Had some weather with hail last night so far looks like no damage. Will leave tomorrow for Chanute KS  will spend the weekend there getting ready for the motel for a week while our home gets repaired for flooring issues and to replace the left side skirting from damage on a tire separation  we had in NM at least we know they will do a good job and have the parts. Next is to try and get Goodyear calms to pay for the skirting damage. Well we have little to complain about the Lord has been kind to us and we thank him. Will try and keep  you all informed and up to date as to our travels and our adventure's until later safe travels.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

El Paso

Hi all we have arrived at Ft Bliss fam camp for the weekend have been visiting our Grandson & family he will be deploying this week to Guam. Its up in the air as to how long but hoping no more than 180 days. weather has been nice and the winds have died down . We will have a cookout today before saying our goodbyes. He has turned into a good soldier and we are very proud of him  anyway until later safe travels and please keep him and all our service men & women in your prayers.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Deming NM

Hi all just a line to let you know we arrived in Deming last evening to visit friends who live here the wind has been bad all night and today. We will leave for El Paso in morning plan to stay at FT Bliss for the weekend to visit Grandson Then leave on Monday. Deming is a nice little town along I-10 good for a few s days stop over. Surprisingly a number of folks winter here but maybe a little too cold for us in winter.We are staying at dream catcher(Escapees) rv park  Scott & Penny are managing it now they were in Branson MO at the SKP park there and say they really like it here.Anyway not much more to say so safe travels  hope to see you you down the road.