Saturday, September 21, 2013


Lewis & Clark ended their journey here in Astoria where they found the Pacific ocean just a few miles west of here. We visited the interpretive center yesterday which is the site where Capt's. Lewis & Clark and the  the men know as corps of discovery  (us army enlisted men) spent the winter here  before heading back they built  Fort Clatsop and hunted fished and traded with the Chinook & Clatsop Indians to sustain them through the winter. The center is very informative and a must see if you spend time here. also we visited what is know as the Astoria Column its built in the early 1900s on top of the largest hill in the city and built like a lighthouse you can see where the Columbia River empty's onto the Pacific ocean , sand bars and river channel for miles very pretty and you can get a since of what this area is all about. with other rivers that empty into the Columbia another must see. We will leave here the 24th and go to Newport OR so until later get out and see this wonderful country that we live in. Safe travels.

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