Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tucson & time

Can't believe that December is here already where did November go? Kathy & I are trying to get around to seeing friends & finish up on appointment's before leaving for Yuma the 10th for a few months.Our Thanksgiving was great hope yours was also. Now Christmas is around the corner, where does the time go? Oh well as you know all plans are written in jello. I guess I'm rambling on today just feel a little rushed to finish up and move on. Where does the time go? Looks like another winter storm will start moving in tonight and bringing rain and colder temps need to move some plants around and put some things in basement to stay dry and we have two appointments today and need to get tires rotated on truck and call a few friends and go to storage and change some things out and need to do some shopping. Wanted to meet up with  my cousin and husband in Casa Grande for lunch before they leave Phoenix friday but running out of time. Where in hell does all the time go? Oh well suck it up and move on David. Hugs to all and safe travels.

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