Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well here we are in Chimacum Washington SKP park we arrived Tuesday and our friend Marty came by to greet us. Verizon air car is a hit and miss so that is disturbing. Our other friends Howie & Norah came back(they were out of the park for a few days) and we had a little reunion of the full timing class of 2007. Howie had to go to Seattle for a medical procedure and we are praying it helps out with a nerve pinching in his neck . Anyway not sure how long we will be here but a week at least. I've got to run with Kathy and do some shopping so will try and post again in a few days if the air card is up and running. Safe travels.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pacific Beach Washington

Hi out there to all you fan's waiting on pin's & needle's for my next post. We arrived yesterday from Astoria it rained most of the way here,but we had a safe trip. Got checked in and got a site on the beach side nice view from the bluff of the Pacific Ocean you can hear the waves breaking on the beach. This is a Navy Retreat & conference center they have a restaurant, rooms, and Villa's plus the RV park 30amp & water and a dump site. We will be here till the 26th and move on to Cimacum Wash. My two son's David & Clay will come down Sunday from Seattle and go back Monday pm,sooooo!!!!! looking forward to their visit.Haven't seen them in a couple years but will see them when we are in Chimacum one day a week I hope they will take the ferry over on Sunday and then we will go over to Seattle by Ferry the next Sunday. that way they have a day to them selves and we don't take up all their time. Working folks need a little time also. This RV was a mess from all the rain & road grim so yesterday afternoon after we got set up God blessed us with sunshine and gave me enough energy to wash our home. Oh by the way I gave in and let Kathy help me. It looked like new when we got finished. The sun's been out most of the day and it is really nice outside I put on shorts first time I've worn them in a month oh well so much for the cool weather. lol The weekend forecast looks great I'm sure looking forward to seeing those two kid's. Until later safe travels.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Astoria Oregon

We arrived at Camp Rilea army guard base yesterday. They have 10 full hookup spots and it is quiet except when they have small arms training and even then its not too bad. The base is about 5 miles south of Astoria in a small town called Warrenton. It rained most of the night and the sun did not show its self today. We will be here till the 21st and then move on up into Washington. There is much history here. Lewis & Clark's found the Pacific ocean and spent the winter here before heading back east to report to the people and congress of their exploration of the west. The mouth of Columbia River is here and shipping, commercial fishing and logging was big business once. The River is quite remarkable and the town is very picturesque. We will explore the area this week meantime the weather is a factor but I'm sure the sun will shine soon (I hope). Not much going on with us we are just relaxing and catching up on small things like cleaning the house inside & out.I was hoping the rain would do my job but it just made it look worse. Oh well woe is me. Until later fans safe travels

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Been Cold here !

AS most of the country is burning up it has been cool here only in the high 60s and windy so makes it feel like the 50s. We see folks walking around with shorts and short sleeves not me Ive got my winter clothes on. It really feels cold to us but mostly its the wind that keeps it that way. but it has been sunny. We will go to Depot Bay tomorrow and look for whales then check out the tide pools on the rocks at the Yaqina light house for little critters that live in the ocean Hopefully it will be sunny. Kathy posted some pictures on her blog you can check it out there are some good pictures of our travels hope you all enjoy. Safe travels.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lincoln City Oregon

Hi all hope everyone is having a happy 4th July. We arrived yesterday on Kathy's birthday at Coyote Cove RV park on Siletz Hwy about 2 miles east of Lincoln City the drive here was over cast and drizzling until we were about 5 miles outside of Newport on US 20 then the sky turned blue and when we topped the last hill into Newport the Pacific Ocean came into view with the town below. It was a beautiful sight and Kathy had happy tears in her eyes. When Once on US 101 Hwy thur Newport to Depot Bay and Lincoln City the views were wonderful we pulled over near Beverly Beach State Park as Kathy was on the phone (so many folks called and wished her a happy birthday)we spent some time there just soaking in the view and reminiscing about the wonderful country we have seen while doing this RV lifestyle. We arrived at the park got checked in parked & set up around 2pm. We are backed up to the river and have a great view, Miss Kathy's is very happy. I went and talked to the couple ho own and operate this park and asked them about a restaurant with good seafood and view of the ocean and they recommended a great one.(Kyllos) in Lincoln City. The food the view and service was great. Miss Kathy was very happy and when Kathy is happy you guessed it I'm happy too. We will be here till the 13th plan on seeing this area again as the Oregon coast is one of our favorites. The temps run in the 50s night and 60s& 70s day can't beat that. So until later safe travels.