Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Graser RV park

The Graser RV park is really our Daughter & son-in-law's home. They wanted us to stay on their property on the 49ers country club on the 6th fairway which they moved into this summer well after many seconds of debating the request we ask to look the parking area over first and if it was opened enough to receive satellite and close enough for sewer we would accept their offer When we arrived in Tucson we stayed at DMAFB for a week to look the parking area over we then took them up on their generous offer and had a 50 amp hookup put in and I was able to run sewer to a clean out  all is well and good so It looks like we have a great place to say when we are in Tucson. We have had a great time playing cards and having dinner and walking their dog and walking the golf course and of course Kathy has her birds . I even got my clubs out of storage and  have been getting prepared to play on Thanksgiving day I just hope I don't embarrass my son in law (Jeff) or his dad Jim any way we will have a great Thanksgiving and hope all of you do the same. Until later safe travels.  

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