Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wooster Ohio

We arrived Friday 27th at the fair grounds (Wayne County)here in Wooster and landed in the middle of chapter 36 (Escapees) rally. We stopped here to visit family and the SKPs said they are family so we parked with them. The rally hosts Don & Diane were very understanding and my family that came out saturday to visit us got a glimpse of what this lifestyle is all about. We all went out to eat Sat. evening and the rest of my family that didn't come out to the fair grounds met us for dinner we all had a great little reunion. Today we visited more with family and tomorrow will do a little of the same. We will leave Tuesday and go to Michigan for a few days. Why you ask because we have never been there!!!! Safe travels.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Salem Ohio (Small Bump)

Hi Gang well we are in Salem Ohio arrived here Friday towed in by a strange truck. We had a check engine light come on followed by a see dealer now message. Well we were on a two lane road and 20 miles from Salem where we had planed to spend the weekend anyway. and then a few miles out the truck lost power a few times so panic and stress entered my brain. As there were no place to pull over no shoulder to pull off on. Found a small business and pulled into their parking lot and while Kathy was on the phone with "Good Sam road service I went in and asked them if we could use their parking lot till a tow truck arrives they said no problem. The truck ran so we repositioned our home and disconnected. In about 40-50 minutes two trucks arrived and the roll back took our truck to dealer and the other took our home and us to the park (Stoneridge Terrace) nice campground that has Passport America discount We called ahead to get the spot lined up and I called the Dealer to brief them on the truck. They said they would get on it first thing Monday We called enterprise rental car and scheduled a pick up on Saturday morning for car. We had friends in the area that we planned to see Paul & Connie Anderson,called them and they wanted to help in anyway but we declined. We picked up our car Saturday and done our weekend grocery shopping and then invited Paul and Connie over for a visit. We haven't seen them in two years so we got caught up on our travels and made them stay for dinner then reluctantly let them get home before dark. They were staying in a COE park near by. Its always always great to see folks we have met in this lifestyle some of you know what I'm talking about.We picked up our truck today, they took good care of us a few parts and a little money and it looks like we are back in business. We will leave here Wednesday and go to Wooster Ohio to visit family we plan on staying at the fair grounds.Well before I close this I will ask for Prayers for Two RVing friends of ours Jay & Fay Carter. Jay will be having brain surgery Thursday or Friday for a mass that was found a few days back and yesterday Fay had a heart attack in her hotel room. They put in two stents today and she is recovering but Im sure she is worried about Jay. please keep them in your Prayers. Sometimes when we have bumps in life they are very very small compared to others. Until later safe travels.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Niagara Falls NY

Hi again Kathy & I arrived here the 16th staying in a nice but small RV park in North Tonawanda about 7 miles from the falls. We decided to take a two day tour of the falls so on Tuesday we did the American side. Our driver picked us up at the park and we picked up about 15 others along the way. we were driven to see the Whirlpool where the river changes direction after the falls and that change in direction causes a Whirlpool very impressive as the water is moving around 22 knots. and is in class 5 rapids. Next up is the maid of the mist a boat tour that carries around 200 passengers to the bottom of the American and Canadian falls hence the mist they give everyone a poncho and believe me you will get wet but it is a great view and you really sense the power of the water.Next up was the Cave of the winds you are given a poncho and sandals taken down in n elevator and follow the board walk to the base of the falls here you get really wet and that water is cold but it is so cool to be there.You take elevator back up and then have time to walk over and view the falls eye level which is a great view first day over. Next day picked up again and driven to Canada (need passports)we dove around the area and seen the beautiful gardens and viewed the Whirlpool from the other side and could see where the water leaves that area on its way to lake Ontario. next up was a trip under the Canadian falls and viewed thur tunnels and yes you have ponchos as you get wet there also. The next stop was Maid of the mist from the other side but sense we did that the day before the others were dropped off and Kathy and I were treated to the world famous fallsview Skylon tower 520 feet tall with an observation deck and revolving restaurant you can see both falls and surrounding area this is an awesome 360 degree view and was the best. Kathy and I had a great time. If you are in this area please take the time to see the falls We will leave tomorrow on our way to Ohio and that will be another story. Safe travels

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mercer PA

We have found our way to Mercer PA a quaint little town in northeast PA . We arrived on Thursday pm and settled in for the evening. Friday we called friends of ours that are staying in the area for the summer( Ron & Linda Fleeger) members of a rag tag group of full timers class of 2007 that we met along with others in you guessed it 2007. We drove over to where they are staying and they drove us around and showed us the beauty of this area great hosts. they came over for dinner and a few drinks and good conversation. when you are with RV friends you never run out of places that you have seen to talk about. The next day a pleasant surprise,another couple with the class of 2007 pulled into where we are camped and parked next to us (Jim & Nancy Tidball) so a mini rally formed and we all ate drank and told stories of our adventures way into the evening hey what else is there to do We all kind of rested today and then this evening we were exposed to a great eating experience in Sharon PA that is the home of Quaker steak & lube where the original hot wings starter boy were they good. We will leave tomorrow we are going to Niagara Falls we are only about 180 miles from there so why not never been there and you just never know if you will ever be back to see them. Will let you all know how wet we get there. Kathy has been telling me about this great barrel ride over the falls she wants me to take Later gang and safe travels.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Brandywine WV & Cumberland MD.

Hi gang well we just spent a week at a Navy base fam camp (See Bee park) near Brandywine WV. They have put in three FHU spots for 10.00 a night its a great little base but what makes it special is that everybody there bends over backwards to make your stay with them special. Kathy and I stayed there (First time) to visit my two long lost sisters that live in upper tract about 20 miles away We had a great visit with them and their families. West Va is so beautiful biggest draw back is there is no verizon cel service and very limited wifi in that area we would have stay one more week if we would have had communication with the outside world. We left there today and are in Fintstone MD near Cumberland (Yea we have cel service and wifi again )we will visit my aunt (last one left) and cousins that live here, all are great folks after all they are related to me. My cousin Butch and I look so much a like that we could be brothers, hell maybe we are. We will be here three days and then move on into PA to visit Ron & Linda our class of 2007 fulltime RVers classmates. Until later safe travels.