Friday, June 20, 2014

Up date on Kathy's brother

Billy was released yesterday and is at home now. Hr's doing better and seems to breath a little better  we had a good dinner last evening and will find out later how his  night went If he remains the same we will leave Thursday on our way to east coast,.best to hope for now is no more infections and hopefully he remains stable continue with prayers as they do help.Everyone else is doing OK Kathy got a good nights sleep in her own bed which makes both of us feel better Safe travels and thanks for your prayers.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Kathy"s Brother

Billy was put in the hospital Thursday he was having problems breathing along with panic attracts had to call 911  for transport not enough strength for him to get in car he's in pretty bad shape COPD is real scary so take care of your lungs. Kathy has been staying up there with him at night as his son And great grandson arrived for fathers day and poor bill is in hospital. Its so hard to see him this way I've know him for 33 years and now to see him like this just makes you so sad. Doctors give him a year maybe so this visit makes it so much harder Please pray for him.We will do what we can and while were here so you folks drive safely and hug those you love every chance you get..

Monday, June 9, 2014

Paragould AR (Brother in laws house)

We arrived in Kathy's hometown Saturday ahead of the storms (Billy Kathy's brother) is dealing with COPD and has good days and fair days  We will be here till end of June  hopefully he will let me do some things for him like clean up yard and do things he wants done that he can't do himself in general just straighten up yard and garage or work shop. Kathy has family and friends she would like to see and spend time with her brother.. the weather has not been to kind to us but this is the way it is in the summer down south  anyway not much to add for now . So all you fans of my blog hang in there Ill be posting as we move around the east coast., so until later have safe travels,