Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crossville Tenn.

Arrived in Crossville Friday. We are parked at Spring Lake RV resort a really nice park and the owners are supper. We have three friends (Mike Pappy and Rip) that live here and (Larry ) that is visiting and thinking of moving here that I worked with at The Air National Guard in Tucson. It is a long story has how they each came here but it's worth telling over a few beers someday. We go back many years before Kathy and I met, so the stories get distorted or revised when she is in ear shot. They are a hoot to be around. Mike's wife is in Ohio (a family death) and will return late tomorrow so we will stay around one more day to see her. Besides Kathy needs another female to even up the bull sh--. Crossvile is a really neat place and Golfing capital of Tenn. moderate temps and laid back attitude. give it a look see if you are in this area. We are having them over tomorrow for beer and hamburgers hope kathy can survive another day till Fran arrives.We will leave Tuesday and head to Raccoon Valley near knoxsville. Safe travels.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hendersonville Tenn.

Hi gang. We arrived at Gages Bend C.O.E. park the 21st this is a great park on Old Hickory Lake we have a nice spot overlooking the lake,but is it ever hot and humid. Oh well we will make the best of it. We stoped here to visit old friends that we have know for decades the Alexander's Peggy and Carl they gave up fulltimeing after 20 years and decided to settle here to be near family.They have some great stories to fill our ears about their travels. Peggy fell a few days before our arrival and said she was doing ok but when we seen her on Tuesday she was in great pain. We realized that we couldn't get her in the car to take her (after much persuasion) to emergency room so called 911 and they transported her. Come to find out after MRI that she has a broken hip. They operated today and she came thur it with flying colors. We have been helping out the family with taking care of the house and Carl. He has trouble getting around also. Getting old really does suck. If all goes well we will leave Friday If not we will stick around and help out here. until later safe travels .

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wappapello lake (C.O.E.) park

Hi fans of David (homenomore) We arrived here (wappapello lake near Popular Bluff MO.) the15th and will stay till the 21st this is another great park with full hookups. Man has it been hot the A/C runs almost all day it's been hot for a while in this part of the south sure hoping for rain and cooler weather. Kathy's brother and sister-in law will arrive Thurstay and leave the 21st. We are planning a big fish fry Saturday with a few cousins coming over for the day from popular bluff ,should be fun hope the weather cools down by then. Kathy has her bird feeders out and has had a few hits she's a happy girl. Not much to add just hanging out. Thanks to all who called to see if we are OK after the terrible flood in little rock area but we were 1oo miles north of that. Safe travels.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monk's RV park

We arrived back in Paragould AR.(Monk's RV park is my bother-in-law's home). there have been improvements made sense our last visit some weeks back.The drive way has 26 new tons of chat (gravel rock) and elect hook up has been upgraded to 50amp. have I ever told you he is my favorite brother-in-law. Anyway we are here for 8 days Kathy needs to have a medical test done(sonogram) every six months to keep an eye on a spot on one of her ovaries for growth that was found over a year ago, and we will visit family also. It has been hot and humid so the A/C runs a lot and no big storms so far. The gardens are growing an some fresh veggies are available daily. Until later,safe travels.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weaver's Picken Parlor

We left Chanute Kansas and stopped overnight at Mountain Springs RV park (Passport Amercia) a nice little park between Willow Springs MO and Mountain View MO on Hwy 60 just off their driveway is a building that the local musicians meet at for a Friday night jam session so Kathy and I walked over after supper. They charged $3.00 each and provide seats there was about 30 -40 folks there not counting the musicians. Let me tell you those folks played the old music Kitty Wells, Hank Williams , Bob Wills . Flatt & Scrubs and old gospel it was such a treat. You just don't know what you will find traveling this great country. Safe travels.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chunate Kansas

Well here we are in Chanute Kansas getting a repair on our home. This is where the NU-WA factory is located they build Hitchhiker 5th wheels. We have broken weld that needs repaired and they have to de-skin a area on the left side just forward of the bedroom slide and the repair and curring for the fiberglass takes 3 days so Kathy and I hanging out in a motel room for two nights. This is a nice little town and we always enjoy being here. There is a city park that has about 15 RV hook-ups with water and elect the great deal is the first two nights are free and then only ten dollars a night. We will tour the factory again probably Thursday. they have fallen on hard times at NU-WA but have down sized and are holding their own and build a great product with outstanding customer service.I've heard that Dorthy lived around here and that Toto became road kill but don't quote me on that. we will probably leave here Friday and go back to Paragould for a week.Kathy needs to do a few things around there, anyway until next blog safe travels to all.