Monday, December 26, 2011


Well fans friends & family we are back to Yuma for a few months plans are to be here till middle of march. This year we are renting a lot we stayed on four years ago in the foothills on monsoon ave. Our neighbors are from Oregon and we get a long good (Kyle & Donna) they work at the Arizona market place four days a week and will be here till April nice folks. We had Kathy's son (David)over for Christmas Day and opened gifts and Kathy prepared a great Christmas dinner as only she can it was a very good day.
We have friends in the area that we plan to see and our friends are coming over from Casa Grande for a few days during New Years. We hope all of you had a great Christmas where ever you are and for the folks that are in this area give out a shout we will be here a while. Until later safe travels.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back in Tucson

Hi all you few fans out there. I guess I need to bring you up to date as I know you have been on pins & needles waiting on a update. We left Tucson the 9th of Nov and went to the NASCAR races in Phoenix We met our good friends up there Jack & Carol and this year is different as we are giving up our RV spots. We plan on not going back at this point as the pricing is getting out of hand and they give you less & less for your money. Hopefully we can catch a race somewhere on our travels as we really like the races.Anyway our friends feel the same and this race was special as it could be our last one at Phoenix.We came back to Tucson for two days to clean up our home on wheels and dump and then we left for Deming NM the 15th to visit friends as they are getting up in age and no longer travel we had a good visit and came back to Tucson for a while till around the 17th Dec. We are I should say Kathy is getting ready for Thanksgiving at our daughters home and our grandson who is in the army is coming with his bride to be so most of the family will be there.I hope all of you can be with family sometime during the holidays.Well that's about it for now will post again when we go to Yuma for a few months. Until then have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hi fans Its been a while sense I've posted so thought I would bring you up to date.After we left Oregon we stopped by Sacramento CA to visit our friends the Glover's for a few days. Howie is there for cancer treatment and the prognoses looks very good and Norah is in good spirits.Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts.We left there and spent two days in Bakersfield and then one night at Edwards AFB. We stopped one night in Needles CA and then went to Yuma AZ for a week to see son. we stayed at the Yuma Army Proving Grounds they have a good Fam Camp there and we soaked up the sunshine and heat which we haven't had all summer. We also visited Mexico and I had my teeth cleaned and Kathy picked up stained glass hummingbird insert for our front door it looks great. We spent some time with son who had foot surgery in Feb when we were here and now after his rehab is doing great it was so good to see him walking normal as when we left Yuma in April he was in cast & using crutches. We left Yuma and stopped in Casa Grande and had lunch with our good friend Jack & Carol Van who live there and we will see them again at the NASCAR races in Phoenix in Nov. We arrived in Tucson the 21st and are staying at DMAFB fam camp. We went to dinner with or Daughter Karen grand-daughter Briana and son-in-law Jeff it was so good to see them again Kathy got her hair cut Saturday and Jeff took me to the Arizona basketball red & blue game it looks like they will have another great team. Briana will graduate in Dec. from the university of Arizona nursing school and we are so proud of her. Our grandson Josh will get married in Dec also.We will be very busy in the month of December. with family and we still have all our friends to visit also.I hope this has brought you all up to date and hopefully i didn't leave out anybody or stops as some of you know how great our memories become with the ageing process If anyone is in the area give a call and hopefully we can see you. So until later safe travels.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Winchester Bay,Oregon

We arrived Thursday pm and are in a great park (Winchester Bay RV Resort) its a little pricey but what the hey we are on vacation. this park looks over the bay and salmon & crabbing are the big thing here. The weather is wet and looks like it will be here for some days but we will leave here Monday and go up to Roseburg for a few days and then head down I-5 towards AZ. So far we have had a great summer up here in the Northwest and have had some good times. The ocean views have been awesome and both Oregon & Washington do a great job on protecting the shores and have some great state parks. We have a good friend who can use some prayer's Howie Glover has lung cancer and will be operated on soon the prognosis looks good as they found it right away and it hasn't spread so keep him & Norah in your prayer's I ll close for now so until later Safe Travels.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Newport OR

We arrived in Newport yesterday the 21st after spending a week in Astoria our stay in Astoria was good it rained 4 out of the 7 days but that can be the PNW We did make it to downtown and was able to see Ringo Star's yacht that he leases didn't know who's it was until seeing it on the 10:00pm news that night they said he was visiting Astoria for a while as he is somewhat a history buff. We also toured Long Beach WA across the Columbia river and enjoyed that area again. We are at the port of Newport marina RV park nice view of the marina & bridge the weather has been good so far will be here a week this is one of my favorite town's on the OR coast I can walk the marina and there is lots to see and revisit here. We still don't know where our next stop will be as we slowly make our way back to AZ not much going on here other than living the dream so until later safe travels.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Camp Murray

We arrived here the 1st and will be here 7 days. this is a Army guard base and the camp ground is on American lake near Tacoma WA very nice little park We had our two son's down today for our last visit with them before leaving. Its been great to see them every Sunday we had a cook out today and they are just so envious of our lifestyle and the camp grounds that we stay in. It was hard to say goodbye to them. Kathy & I decided to go back to Pacific Beach for five days as we like it there and the weather has warmed as it was a bit chilly when we were there six weeks ago and I believe we will back track down the Oregon coast as we really love it around the coast and the weather is warmer hope it holds up. We will slowly make our way back to Arizona for the winter. On a sad note we lost a great RV friend & 2007 class mate today Jay Carter pasted away after a gallant battle with brain cancer out thoughts and prayers go out to the Carter family we had many a good times with Jay & Fay at our class get togathers Until next post safe travels

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Port Townsend Wash.

Hi all you fans out there. We arrived in Port Townsend yesterday drove all the way from Chimacum 12 miles. We have visited this place a number of times in the last 5 weeks and have always wanted to stay here at Point Hudson marina & RV park.Its location is great you can see the shipping passing down the straits and numerous sailing & motor yacht's abound.Reservations is a must so when we were able to secure three days we were very happy and to see the smile on Kathy's face is priceless.Out our back window we can see the marina and down town Pt Townsend's main street. Its a picturesque historic sailing town and we love it.We will leave here Thursday and go over to Tacoma at Camp Murry military RV park will post from there later Anyway we are having a great time hope all of you are also. Until later safe travels.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Still in Chimacum

Yes we are still here having a great time. My two sons came over last Sunday and we introduced them to Marty and Howie & Norah,now they know that yes we do have friends that live this lifestyle also. The oldest is now following Marty's blog. We went down to Port Townsend and we walked around the town and marina had a great visit and early dinner and drove them back to Kingston to catch the ferry back to Seattle. Saturday Kathy and I took a three hour boat tour ride to Protection Island. There was a Naturalist on board that explained the history and wild life around the island Kathy picked up a few new birds and also got the two she really wanted to see the Tufted Puffin and the Harlequin Duck. There were over 30 eagles and close to 500 seals and a few sea lions. We felt that we got our money's worth. This Sunday we took the ferry over to the guys side and they treated us to the locks on lake Washington where the salmon were just starting their run we saw a few nice one's. The locks were busy with all the weekend boat traffic we were then treated to lunch by Green lake and then toured a winery (Chateau Ste Michelle)Which bottles one of Kathy's favorite wines. The grounds were beautiful. Anyway they took us back to Edmonds and we caught the Ferry back to Kingston. Will see them over on our side this Sunday The ferry transit systems works extremely well and runs on schedule and are a real treat to ride for us desert dwellers The weather has been great so far and looks good for this week anyway "fans" until next post. Safe Travels

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well here we are in Chimacum Washington SKP park we arrived Tuesday and our friend Marty came by to greet us. Verizon air car is a hit and miss so that is disturbing. Our other friends Howie & Norah came back(they were out of the park for a few days) and we had a little reunion of the full timing class of 2007. Howie had to go to Seattle for a medical procedure and we are praying it helps out with a nerve pinching in his neck . Anyway not sure how long we will be here but a week at least. I've got to run with Kathy and do some shopping so will try and post again in a few days if the air card is up and running. Safe travels.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pacific Beach Washington

Hi out there to all you fan's waiting on pin's & needle's for my next post. We arrived yesterday from Astoria it rained most of the way here,but we had a safe trip. Got checked in and got a site on the beach side nice view from the bluff of the Pacific Ocean you can hear the waves breaking on the beach. This is a Navy Retreat & conference center they have a restaurant, rooms, and Villa's plus the RV park 30amp & water and a dump site. We will be here till the 26th and move on to Cimacum Wash. My two son's David & Clay will come down Sunday from Seattle and go back Monday pm,sooooo!!!!! looking forward to their visit.Haven't seen them in a couple years but will see them when we are in Chimacum one day a week I hope they will take the ferry over on Sunday and then we will go over to Seattle by Ferry the next Sunday. that way they have a day to them selves and we don't take up all their time. Working folks need a little time also. This RV was a mess from all the rain & road grim so yesterday afternoon after we got set up God blessed us with sunshine and gave me enough energy to wash our home. Oh by the way I gave in and let Kathy help me. It looked like new when we got finished. The sun's been out most of the day and it is really nice outside I put on shorts first time I've worn them in a month oh well so much for the cool weather. lol The weekend forecast looks great I'm sure looking forward to seeing those two kid's. Until later safe travels.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Astoria Oregon

We arrived at Camp Rilea army guard base yesterday. They have 10 full hookup spots and it is quiet except when they have small arms training and even then its not too bad. The base is about 5 miles south of Astoria in a small town called Warrenton. It rained most of the night and the sun did not show its self today. We will be here till the 21st and then move on up into Washington. There is much history here. Lewis & Clark's found the Pacific ocean and spent the winter here before heading back east to report to the people and congress of their exploration of the west. The mouth of Columbia River is here and shipping, commercial fishing and logging was big business once. The River is quite remarkable and the town is very picturesque. We will explore the area this week meantime the weather is a factor but I'm sure the sun will shine soon (I hope). Not much going on with us we are just relaxing and catching up on small things like cleaning the house inside & out.I was hoping the rain would do my job but it just made it look worse. Oh well woe is me. Until later fans safe travels

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Been Cold here !

AS most of the country is burning up it has been cool here only in the high 60s and windy so makes it feel like the 50s. We see folks walking around with shorts and short sleeves not me Ive got my winter clothes on. It really feels cold to us but mostly its the wind that keeps it that way. but it has been sunny. We will go to Depot Bay tomorrow and look for whales then check out the tide pools on the rocks at the Yaqina light house for little critters that live in the ocean Hopefully it will be sunny. Kathy posted some pictures on her blog you can check it out there are some good pictures of our travels hope you all enjoy. Safe travels.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lincoln City Oregon

Hi all hope everyone is having a happy 4th July. We arrived yesterday on Kathy's birthday at Coyote Cove RV park on Siletz Hwy about 2 miles east of Lincoln City the drive here was over cast and drizzling until we were about 5 miles outside of Newport on US 20 then the sky turned blue and when we topped the last hill into Newport the Pacific Ocean came into view with the town below. It was a beautiful sight and Kathy had happy tears in her eyes. When Once on US 101 Hwy thur Newport to Depot Bay and Lincoln City the views were wonderful we pulled over near Beverly Beach State Park as Kathy was on the phone (so many folks called and wished her a happy birthday)we spent some time there just soaking in the view and reminiscing about the wonderful country we have seen while doing this RV lifestyle. We arrived at the park got checked in parked & set up around 2pm. We are backed up to the river and have a great view, Miss Kathy's is very happy. I went and talked to the couple ho own and operate this park and asked them about a restaurant with good seafood and view of the ocean and they recommended a great one.(Kyllos) in Lincoln City. The food the view and service was great. Miss Kathy was very happy and when Kathy is happy you guessed it I'm happy too. We will be here till the 13th plan on seeing this area again as the Oregon coast is one of our favorites. The temps run in the 50s night and 60s& 70s day can't beat that. So until later safe travels.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kathy's Brother

Kathy & I received sad news Saturday Her brother Jim Smith(Butch) died suddenly early Saturday morning in Minnesota. We fill so blessed that we had the opportunity to visit with Butch and wife (Barb) last summer while we were in that area. You just don't know when God will call you home.We can't make the services but our sadden hearts will be there. Our stay here in Sutherlin and our visit with Pauline and family has been great. We plan on taking a road trip Friday to Crater Lake its been years since our last visit there and it is a beautiful drive we'll take Pauline and the grand kids and a picnic lunch. Until later safe travels to all.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sutherlin Oregon

Kathy and I left Beale AFB Tuesday. We drove US 70 and 99 to I-5 there was so many orchards mostly nut and peaches just mile after mile. I use to think that the land of fruits and nuts was about something else not farming!!!!! We stopped in Mount Shasta (14162 ft) for the night stayed at Abrams lake RV resort nice little park among the big pines. with a nice view of MT. Shasta covered with snow its hard to believe you are only at 3800ft and not 7000ft northern Calf. has a lot of beauty. We left there this morning after setting out with a couple cups of coffee and a last view of the big mountain. We arrived here at Sutherlin (SKP) park early PM. We were here a few years back and enjoyed it here. We have a dear friend (Pauline) who lives in Winston about 15 miles south of here we will visit with her and family and catch up on old times She lost her husband in 2009. We will be here till 3 July and head to Lincoln City on the coast. All the river's are running full so fishing will be good through summer Temps are in mid to high 70's and 50's at night and stay that way for the next 5 days,can't get any better than that.Until later folks, Safe Travels.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beale AFB

Pulled into fam camp on Monday pm(first stay at this base) We have a nice spot with some shade from tree's.This is a nice park with lots of space between RVs it has nice grass and a lake near by and lots of birds for Kathy. This base is huge land mass wise and was home base for the SR-71 they still have U-2 training here as well as UMV's recon aircraft.Weather has been pleasant very nice in shade with light winds not many bugs good for setting outside. We'll leave here Tuesday and head to Oregon,will try and stay in SKP park(Sutherlin) for week then over to the coast.We are doing great.Hope all is well with all of you. Safe travels.

Friday, June 10, 2011

coarsegold update

Sad news yesterday our RV friend Paul Anderson pasted away from heart failure. Met Paul & Connie in Quartzsite AZ Jan 2008 at our class (2007)graduation. Met up with them again at Gypsy Journal rally in Casa Grande, Gillette Escapade, and last seen them in Ohio and Goshen IN last year where they taught us how to play Hand & Foot. Rest in peace Paul and Big Hugs go out to you Connie, May god be with you.

Kathy & I went to Yosemite Wed. What a grand national park all the falls were running and the scenery was awesome Kathy put a few pictures on her blog as I haven't achieve that ability yet ( anyway put this park on your bucket list.

The RV tech guy came by after I drop belly panel enough to view gray tank. Filled tank to where it backed up in sink and no leak so wiggled lines and tank and water started leaking where drain line attaches to tank anyway he will try and repair leak after he picks up epoxy at least know where leak is and it will be good as long as don't overfill oh well such is life on the road. weather has been great here we will leave Monday and go to Beale AFB for maybe a week until then safe travels.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coarsegold CA SKP park of the Sierras

We arrived here around 3pm In spot 328 plan to stay at least one week. Lots of folks have been telling us about this park and it really is beautiful here. Had fun setting satellite up with all the tress but got er done.Kathy has hummingbird feeders out and they are starting to feast so guess who's happy.Had water dripping from basement cover this morning nothing wet in basement no water lines leaking so dumped black tank and kitchen tank and after getting ready to tow went in and turned water pump on for a while it did not recycle so think it is kitchen gray tank maybe fitting or crack. There is a RV tech guy here so will look him up and see if he wants to check it out after all that's why we have Good SAM extended service plan will report about this later. We have a RV class mate Paul Anderson who has suffered a major heart attack and is in real serious condition so Please keep him and his Wife Connie & family in your prayers Our problems are so small compared to others. until later folk's Safe travels.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Edwards AFB CA

We arrived at Edwards AFB this pm after having head winds most of the day can't wait to see how the fuel mileage went!!!! This is our first visit to this base. The fam camp has good hook ups the spaces are wide and level all pavement but being in the desert not much but sand and weeds. will spend the weekend here before traveling on. Plan to visit the static aircraft display museum and NASA gift shop. will shop at bx & commissary also and just relax. the temps are on the cool side 40s at night and 70s day can't beat that after high 90s in Laughlin.well that's about it for now so safe travels

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Laughlin NV

Arrived here Thursday 26th parked at the Riverside RV park overlooking the strip very pretty at night.We drove up to Henderson NV Friday to visit a long time friend who I use to work with in Tucson (Paula Drapeau). Had a great lunch and visit. Paula has a haft Chow & Lab mixed named Teddy who does not like men but Teddy warmed up to me instantly. Not sure how to take that either he really liked me or he thinks I'm a woman???? Anyway we had a good visit & drive. Las Vegas has grown so much. We plan to be here till the June 2nd have a few more folks to visit around Bullhead & laughlin.
Received some Sad news today one of our RV friends (Patti Landry) has passed away after a long battle with brain cancer. Please keep Hank & family in your thoughts and prayer's.
Its been windy since we arrived and its getting hot here also high 90s. we'll go to the casino's and cool off. not a bad place to be for a few days. Please remember all who served and their sacrifices this Memorial Day. Safe travels.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Congress AZ

Well fans we left Tucson this morning and arrived at Congress AZ escapees rainbow park this PM. Stopped in Casa Grande and was successful in persuading our good friends the Van's to take us to lunch.We had a great visit with them and they will leave later this month to spend the summer on the east coast seeing new sites and family.This is our first visit to this park and not sure how long we will be here but a few days for sure.Well not much to report for now but it's good to be on the road again. Until later safe travels to all.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hi all you follower's where ever you are. We have been very busy here in Tucson visiting family & friends We will spend Easter at our Daughter's (The Graser's) and stop by the hospital where our friend Tom Hand is recovering from double knee replacement surgery. we still have friends to visit and doctors appointments how can you be retired and still run out of time to do everything but we will find the time. The weather has been great its hard to beat AZ springtime.Well here is wishing everyone a great Easter please remember He died on the Cross for us. Safe travels to all.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Made it to Tucson on the 9th have been busy since we arrived visited with family (Daughter) the first day and Tuesday had a cousin (Carol & Dean mizer) stopped for the night on their way to Fla. got them on base and had a great visit caught up on the family always enjoy their company. Our good friends (Jack & Carol Van) from Casa Grande will arrive today and stay till Sunday It will be a great visit. We have a few Doctor's appt. and a lot of folks we want to see before heading to the PNW this summer. Anyone passing thur give out a shout we'll leave in May sometime. Safe travels.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back to Tucson

We plan on being back in Tucson this weekend. Son's foot is healing good and He is ready for us to leave. Had the RV washed and hand waxed the other day price was good. I told Kathy I would do it but she was very concerned that I might fall off the ladder. She thinks I can't wax with one hand and hold a beer with the other. Maybe she's right. They did a good job. We have been parked too long but it was necessary to be here in case he needed some help. Time to hit the road, will post when we are in Tucson. Safe travels

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yuma update (David's Surgery)

Kathy's son David Had foot surgery the 17th The Doctor was very pleased with the out come and David seems to be doing good so far. We spent the 17th & 18th at the hospital and he is staying at friends for a while as the steps on the RV would be too much for him and the doctor doesn't want him to put pressure on it. He goes back to the doctor's the 23rd and will probably go home he thinks, will wait and see? We will be here till at least the 9th April after that will depend on how he's doing and if he wants our help or not. The weather has been great and Kathy and I are doing OK so until later safe travels.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Another update from Yuma

Hi all about time I update this blog. Kathy and I will spend another month here in Yuma maybe more. Kathy's son will have foot operated on the 17th march and we will be here to help him out if he lets us. He will be off work for 8 weeks. We didn't plan to head north till May so no big deal. Howie and Norah stopped in Yuma for a night and we met them for dinner and they made a drug run to Mexico the next morning before heading out to Calf.Bob and Mollie are here and we plan to visit with them soon before they take off and Marty is working his way thur here sometime this month for those who don't know the names of those I spoke of they are our RVing friends from the escapees class of 2007 That's what is so neat about this life style you meet so many great folks and sure enough some where in your travels you will run into them again and again. Its a tough life but someone has to do it. Until later, safe travels.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to me !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,a big thanks go out to everyone who sent me cards, e mail's phone calls facebook comments, and a big kiss goes out to my loving wife who also took me out to Red Lobster for dinner and made this a very special day.I really feel blessed to be able to live this RV lifestyle and see this great country that we live in and still have good health even tho it seems to take a little longer to get my chores done and maybe I move a little slower these days but I enjoy everyday and I'm very thankful For My family and friends. Thanks again and safe travels to all.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update from Yuma

Hi all you few fans of my blog. Haven't posted for a while so thought I would write a few lines. Kathy and I haven't been very busy just go out shopping and maybe a movie or two and lunch. Went to Mexico for new glasses a few weeks back and we visited the Imperial wildlife refuge last week and made a day of it. Kathy found a new bird on the parade field at Yuma Army Proving Ground a long billed Curlew part of the sandpiper family last week. Friday we went up to Quartzsite AZ where I-10 & US-95 intersect to visit RV friends Howie & Norah Steve & Sandy ,Gracie & Paul & Mike & Sandy who are dry camping for a while up there in that crazy place. You can't explain "Q" it is something you have to experience for yourself just picture thousands of RVs parked out in the desert with hundreds of vendor's that deals with RV stuff and at night there are camp fires as far as you can see kinda like Custer's scouts looking over Little Big Horn valley at night. The weather really sucks here 70s daytime 40s at night. Hard to take isn't it. We have no plans to leave till March if you are in this area look us up. Until later gang safe travels.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

" The Tucson Shooting "

Some folks have been calling us about the tragedy in Tucson to check if any family or friends we knew were in harms way. No one we knew were involved. Our Son in Law knows Gifford's Dad & family very well as a matter of fact he worked for him for some years, anyway it a very sad time for Tucson, Arizona and America. Please keep all them on your prayer list.We are doing well here in Yuma and the weather is great.We will make a day trip to Quartzsite later this month to visit friends that will be there. and take it all in again for those that have never been, it a site to see you would think every RV in the country was parked there along with all the vendors. Thanks for your concerns and safe travels.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

Kathy and I stayed up to watch the ball drop and welcome in 2011. We reflected back on our travels of 2010. We visited with so many friends and family on our east coast travels that my poor little fingers would be worn to a nub if I tried to recount them all in this post. So i reviewed the posts on this blog of our travels this past year and have recounted so many great memories. This year our plans are to revisit the Pacific northwest. We loved the Oregon & Washington coast and are looking forward to seeing it again and visit two sons that live in Seattle.When we first started this lifestyle we made plans as to where we would park and how long we would stay in one place made reservations and commitments to visit folks and it stressed us out because you find places that you need more time to explore and other places that only required a few days but you made plans to stay longer and are committed to being there. So now we just give a ball park idea as to when we will arrive and depart and the weather is also part of the scenario. Our only have to date this year is NASCAR race at Phoenix in early Nov. So if anyone is in our travel plans we will see you sometime we hope. Safe travels