Sunday, February 3, 2013

Working way too much

When we were in Georgia this summer we met up with friends that we have know for years Billy & Kay, well billy and I worked together in Tucson. Anyway we met up with them for a few days and their RV shined like new. Billy told us about the product he used called (Poliglow) said it is time consuming but worth it,well we ordered the kit and I (we) decided to get started on applying it. This product works great on boats and anything that is fiberglass, boats are one thing as you can stand on the ground or a small ladder and reach the entire surface well not true with a RV motorhome or 5th wheel as they will require a extension ladder or tall step ladder. The last two days have been hell you have to hand clean the area with a special cleaner wash off and dry then apply the poliglow with 4-6 coats. with a minimum of 1-10 minutes drying time in between depending on outside temps and you are looking at doing a small area at a time I must have been up and down the ladder 500 times in two days and I'm only about 1/3 done. Folks let me tell you I'm warn out and using a heating pad in the evenings. Today is Sunday and the Lord give me the day off. I will get started again tomorrow if I can roll out of bed. But the RV is looking good. the weather is great mid to high 70s daytime and is ideal for this task. hope to get the rest done this week if I can move.Hope all you folks are enjoying your lives wherever you are and think of me as I only have 750 more trips up and down that ladder. Safe travels.

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