Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wichita KS

Hi all we have made it  to Wichita KS for a few days staying at McConnell AFB fam camp. this is a nice little camp ground with two fishing ponds and pretty surrounding   Had some weather with hail last night so far looks like no damage. Will leave tomorrow for Chanute KS  will spend the weekend there getting ready for the motel for a week while our home gets repaired for flooring issues and to replace the left side skirting from damage on a tire separation  we had in NM at least we know they will do a good job and have the parts. Next is to try and get Goodyear calms to pay for the skirting damage. Well we have little to complain about the Lord has been kind to us and we thank him. Will try and keep  you all informed and up to date as to our travels and our adventure's until later safe travels.

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