Sunday, September 29, 2013

Newport and the Black Oyster Catcher

We arrived in Newport the 24 th Sept for a week,we've been here before and have stayed at the Newport RV & marina park nice view of the marina & bridge. Went shopping and sightseeing for a couple days and then the weather started arriving this is a pretty big storm the remains of a typhoon that hit Japan a week back so we have been souped in with winds and rain  and are missing places that we would like to see again. Kathy wants to see the black oyster catcher that frequents this area which can be elusive for her birding list.The weather should start clearing out Tuesday the day we were scheduled to depart.  We decided to stay another week. oh well that's what is good about this lifestyle you have the flexibility to change your plans. I  need to get a few things done to the RV so that's the name of that tune and Kathy needs to see that darn bird. so hopefully I will have good news about the elusive oyster catcher in my next blog until later Safe travels.  

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