Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chanute KS

Hi Gang we put  our home in the hitchhiker service center Monday am figured  to get it back late Thursday but was told today that they would have it ready late Wed. the hotel has been ok but ready to get our home back and a day early is a plus  and it looks like the cost will be under estimate which is another reason for letting them do the repairs plus six months warranty on repairs. Kathy and I figure to stay in the city park thru the weekend and head west Monday looking at staying at Colorado Springs Air Force Academy  fam camp will call tomorrow and see about reservations for a week or two hope that works out will let you know on next post  Chaunte is a nice little town in the heartland of this great country and if you have a chance to visit here for a few days you will like it also. until later gang have safe travels.

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