Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hi all you follower's just a line to wish each and everyone a great holiday season. we will be spending Christmas in Tucson with our family.Will drive over from Yuma to Tucson and take our son who lives here to our daughter & son in laws home. our Grandson & family is coming in from Ft Bliss (El Paso) and our granddaughter will be flying in from Greenville N.C. so most of the family will be together except for our two sons who are in Seattle Wash. anyway We wish all you a Merry Christmas and safe travels.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Yuma for the winter

Hi gang see I told you I was going to do better at posting. Kathy & I have landed in Yuma for the winter will be here till mid March We are staying on the same lot we were on last year the owners Dwaine & Debbie have agreed to rent to us again this year nice folks. The weather has been good but we did get rain last night and they can really use it here.Kathy's son lives here so we will be visiting with him during our stay and we have numerous folks that we befriended over the last few years most from Canada that we will be seeing plus all the great sunshine. If you find yourself in this area let us know so all you wonderful followers of this blog have a great day.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hi all sorry to take so long This time I will really,really try to keep up I won't bore you with details with the rest of the summer besides with my memory it would be so confusing but I can say after leaving North Carolina we went to Charleston N C for a week, visited Fort Sumter and the downtown very historical city then we went to Florida. Jacksonville, Melbourne, Ocala, and FT Walton Beach. next we went to Gulfport Miss. for a week there still a lot to be cleaned up after Katrina. Next we stopped over in Lafayette La took a swamp tour and enjoyed the Arcadian food and was Livingston TX visited our mailbox and enjoyed txfeast with other escapees then across TX in a few days to El Paso and visited our grandson and family who is assigned to Ft Bliss army base. Next we came to Tucson where we are now visiting family ,friends doctor's appt. etc. We wil leave here tomorrow and go to Yuma for a few months during the winter. Hope to see some of you there . well until later folks safe travels and yes I will try and do better with posting.

Saturday, December 8, 2012