Friday, June 21, 2013

Clear Lake WA.

Rain, rain,rain it started raining when we left Missoula MT on Wed. and rained all the way here and today is Friday the 21st. Finally there is a little sunshine out there   Oh well life is good and we are settled in here thur 13 July. Went into Spokane (Fairchild AFB) yesterday about 9 miles from here dropped of a care package to our grandson Josh who is deployed to Guam just a few things like nuts & beef jerky, crackers and things like that to brighten up his day. stopped by the BX and commissary to pick up a few things Got me a Washington  fishing licence which cost a fortune wish states would be kinder to us old people but it cost to maintain fish & wildlife. also got a Washington state park pass which we use a lot when we are in the Seattle and Puget sound area.  Well not too much to add hope to start fishing soon when the weather permits hope all is doing well. Safe travels.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Missoula MT

Hi all we made it to Missoula yesterday pm staying at Jim & Mary's RV park and its a nice one if you are in this area we recommend you stay here. They had live entertainment last night follow by ice cream free free free can't beat that. we will do a little shopping today then come back and just hang out and enjoy the weather. Will leave tomorrow and go to clear lake WA near Spokane plan on being there for three weeks. Our visit with Kathy's brother in Bozeman was good they treated us to a pontoon ride on the lake nice day and very relaxing . Well thats about it for now will let you know about clear lake later on. Safe travels.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bozeman WY

Well the wind was a little stiff today but made it to Bozeman today will be here thru the weekend visiting Kathy's brother & family had a bad storm last night in Sheridan and was told it rained here all night looks like the weekend should be sunny . The rivers were up and the Bighorn river was really flowing the hills and mountains are really green. Colorado could sure use some of these rains hard to believe the fires they are having there. Well until later have safe travels.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sheridan WY

We made it to Sheridan yesterday will stay two nights. Rained hard last night lost satellite reception twice. Anyway today is nice will do a little sightseeing today, shopping, fuel up and head to Bozeman tomorrow to see Kathy's brother & family will be there thru the weekend. Hope all of you are doing good wherever you might be,safe travels.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Still in Cheyenne

We are doing good just hanging around and have cleaned up the walking trail that was overgrown with willows, good bird watching on the trail. There are big horned owls roosting in nearby trees here in the campground. two adults and two babies see them late in evening and sometimes during the day.  Always good to see owls, good food source here for them and hawks. We plan to leave Wednesday and go to Sheridan,WY for a couple days then on to Bozeman anyway you all have safe travels and will keep you posted.