Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update from Yuma

Hi all you few fans of my blog. Haven't posted for a while so thought I would write a few lines. Kathy and I haven't been very busy just go out shopping and maybe a movie or two and lunch. Went to Mexico for new glasses a few weeks back and we visited the Imperial wildlife refuge last week and made a day of it. Kathy found a new bird on the parade field at Yuma Army Proving Ground a long billed Curlew part of the sandpiper family last week. Friday we went up to Quartzsite AZ where I-10 & US-95 intersect to visit RV friends Howie & Norah Steve & Sandy ,Gracie & Paul & Mike & Sandy who are dry camping for a while up there in that crazy place. You can't explain "Q" it is something you have to experience for yourself just picture thousands of RVs parked out in the desert with hundreds of vendor's that deals with RV stuff and at night there are camp fires as far as you can see kinda like Custer's scouts looking over Little Big Horn valley at night. The weather really sucks here 70s daytime 40s at night. Hard to take isn't it. We have no plans to leave till March if you are in this area look us up. Until later gang safe travels.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

" The Tucson Shooting "

Some folks have been calling us about the tragedy in Tucson to check if any family or friends we knew were in harms way. No one we knew were involved. Our Son in Law knows Gifford's Dad & family very well as a matter of fact he worked for him for some years, anyway it a very sad time for Tucson, Arizona and America. Please keep all them on your prayer list.We are doing well here in Yuma and the weather is great.We will make a day trip to Quartzsite later this month to visit friends that will be there. and take it all in again for those that have never been, it a site to see you would think every RV in the country was parked there along with all the vendors. Thanks for your concerns and safe travels.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

Kathy and I stayed up to watch the ball drop and welcome in 2011. We reflected back on our travels of 2010. We visited with so many friends and family on our east coast travels that my poor little fingers would be worn to a nub if I tried to recount them all in this post. So i reviewed the posts on this blog of our travels this past year and have recounted so many great memories. This year our plans are to revisit the Pacific northwest. We loved the Oregon & Washington coast and are looking forward to seeing it again and visit two sons that live in Seattle.When we first started this lifestyle we made plans as to where we would park and how long we would stay in one place made reservations and commitments to visit folks and it stressed us out because you find places that you need more time to explore and other places that only required a few days but you made plans to stay longer and are committed to being there. So now we just give a ball park idea as to when we will arrive and depart and the weather is also part of the scenario. Our only have to date this year is NASCAR race at Phoenix in early Nov. So if anyone is in our travel plans we will see you sometime we hope. Safe travels