Monday, June 27, 2011

Kathy's Brother

Kathy & I received sad news Saturday Her brother Jim Smith(Butch) died suddenly early Saturday morning in Minnesota. We fill so blessed that we had the opportunity to visit with Butch and wife (Barb) last summer while we were in that area. You just don't know when God will call you home.We can't make the services but our sadden hearts will be there. Our stay here in Sutherlin and our visit with Pauline and family has been great. We plan on taking a road trip Friday to Crater Lake its been years since our last visit there and it is a beautiful drive we'll take Pauline and the grand kids and a picnic lunch. Until later safe travels to all.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sutherlin Oregon

Kathy and I left Beale AFB Tuesday. We drove US 70 and 99 to I-5 there was so many orchards mostly nut and peaches just mile after mile. I use to think that the land of fruits and nuts was about something else not farming!!!!! We stopped in Mount Shasta (14162 ft) for the night stayed at Abrams lake RV resort nice little park among the big pines. with a nice view of MT. Shasta covered with snow its hard to believe you are only at 3800ft and not 7000ft northern Calf. has a lot of beauty. We left there this morning after setting out with a couple cups of coffee and a last view of the big mountain. We arrived here at Sutherlin (SKP) park early PM. We were here a few years back and enjoyed it here. We have a dear friend (Pauline) who lives in Winston about 15 miles south of here we will visit with her and family and catch up on old times She lost her husband in 2009. We will be here till 3 July and head to Lincoln City on the coast. All the river's are running full so fishing will be good through summer Temps are in mid to high 70's and 50's at night and stay that way for the next 5 days,can't get any better than that.Until later folks, Safe Travels.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beale AFB

Pulled into fam camp on Monday pm(first stay at this base) We have a nice spot with some shade from tree's.This is a nice park with lots of space between RVs it has nice grass and a lake near by and lots of birds for Kathy. This base is huge land mass wise and was home base for the SR-71 they still have U-2 training here as well as UMV's recon aircraft.Weather has been pleasant very nice in shade with light winds not many bugs good for setting outside. We'll leave here Tuesday and head to Oregon,will try and stay in SKP park(Sutherlin) for week then over to the coast.We are doing great.Hope all is well with all of you. Safe travels.

Friday, June 10, 2011

coarsegold update

Sad news yesterday our RV friend Paul Anderson pasted away from heart failure. Met Paul & Connie in Quartzsite AZ Jan 2008 at our class (2007)graduation. Met up with them again at Gypsy Journal rally in Casa Grande, Gillette Escapade, and last seen them in Ohio and Goshen IN last year where they taught us how to play Hand & Foot. Rest in peace Paul and Big Hugs go out to you Connie, May god be with you.

Kathy & I went to Yosemite Wed. What a grand national park all the falls were running and the scenery was awesome Kathy put a few pictures on her blog as I haven't achieve that ability yet ( anyway put this park on your bucket list.

The RV tech guy came by after I drop belly panel enough to view gray tank. Filled tank to where it backed up in sink and no leak so wiggled lines and tank and water started leaking where drain line attaches to tank anyway he will try and repair leak after he picks up epoxy at least know where leak is and it will be good as long as don't overfill oh well such is life on the road. weather has been great here we will leave Monday and go to Beale AFB for maybe a week until then safe travels.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coarsegold CA SKP park of the Sierras

We arrived here around 3pm In spot 328 plan to stay at least one week. Lots of folks have been telling us about this park and it really is beautiful here. Had fun setting satellite up with all the tress but got er done.Kathy has hummingbird feeders out and they are starting to feast so guess who's happy.Had water dripping from basement cover this morning nothing wet in basement no water lines leaking so dumped black tank and kitchen tank and after getting ready to tow went in and turned water pump on for a while it did not recycle so think it is kitchen gray tank maybe fitting or crack. There is a RV tech guy here so will look him up and see if he wants to check it out after all that's why we have Good SAM extended service plan will report about this later. We have a RV class mate Paul Anderson who has suffered a major heart attack and is in real serious condition so Please keep him and his Wife Connie & family in your prayers Our problems are so small compared to others. until later folk's Safe travels.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Edwards AFB CA

We arrived at Edwards AFB this pm after having head winds most of the day can't wait to see how the fuel mileage went!!!! This is our first visit to this base. The fam camp has good hook ups the spaces are wide and level all pavement but being in the desert not much but sand and weeds. will spend the weekend here before traveling on. Plan to visit the static aircraft display museum and NASA gift shop. will shop at bx & commissary also and just relax. the temps are on the cool side 40s at night and 70s day can't beat that after high 90s in Laughlin.well that's about it for now so safe travels