Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pahrump NV

HI all arrived in Pahrump  yesterday for a five day,s rest and enjoy the sunshine stay. We were able to use passport america  for a great savings. Went to the nugget last evening for buffet it was OK but for sure have had better. Today the park had a BBQ plate for $7.00 per person the food was great and the C&W music was a big plus and I won a Preferred RV Resort cap where we are staying. on the ticket drawing  the folks here are very friendly and make you feel welcome. The escapee park here won,t let you wash the rig but they do here and believe me it sure needed it after all the driving in the rain we did on the PNW coast. I  got that done this morning , almost walked pass it coming back from the BBQ. We plan to visit Death Valley while we are here never been there need to see it before the congress closes all national parks again as you can tell by my sarcasm  I 'm not happy with Washington DC these days. Kathy and I are fine we have sunshine hummingbirds and NASCAR whoopee. well not much more to say will leave here Wed. and go to Laughlin NV for a couple days, then to Casa Grande to visit friends before we arrive in Tucson for a Month. Until later safe travels.

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