Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A change to our travel plans

We will go to our factory in Canute KS the 13th-17th of May we have two slides that flooring needs to be replaced due to water damage have not found out where the water came in but kind of suspect the weep holes or windows no visible signs of water damage on inside or outside just rotten flooring in slide on corners under windows. Waiting to find out if insurance will pay or leave us hanging either way we will get work done. so after that we still plan to go to Washington, Oregon for summer just need to plan different route but that's down the road. our planed date for leaving Tucson is still up in the air depends on Weather which is a coin toss anyway.Kathy & I are doing fine Hope to visit our Grandson in EL Paso before he is deployed not much more to add as they say same old s#*t just different day. Oh our classmates Rick & Terry Traver came up from Benson Sunday we had lunch and a great visit, always good to see friends. Well until later watch the weather & safe travels.

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