Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Whidbey Islands

Our friends Steve & Sandy invited me, Kathy and Marty over to Oak Harbor on Whidbey island for a day visit We left Port Townsend on the ferry and they picked us up on the other side at Coupeville which is a very pretty old town.We drove up to oak harbor where they grew up and showed us the town and brief history of where Steve and Sandy met and use to hang out, also the Navy base is located there. next was  Deception pass where you cross the only bridge to the island it is very pretty area up there and they have a beautiful state park there. Next we were shown Penn cove world renown for their mussels very picturesque setting and historical town and cove. We were next taken to their beach house that Steve's dad built and they recently inherited they prepared lunch for us (which was very good thanks Sandy) They have been busy cleaning out the house and making repairs and if you live on the beach you are always trying to keep up with the weather damage that is constant how you can get any work done is beyond me because with the shipping lanes, sea life, birds  its so pretty there how can you find time to work.Our time was running down and and they drove us back to the ferry it was a great visit and will stay in our memory banks. Thanks again Steve and Sandy for a great day. Safe travels everyone.  

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