Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Warming up

Well after 5 days of unusual cold here in AZ its starting to warm up. Kathy and I drove to Phoenix Sunday to visit her brother & sister in law Mike & Rita Smith it was a short visit but worth the trip they are house sitting and looking after 3 grand daughters while there daughter & son in law are taking a few days of vacation anyway it was a good visit and we made it back to Yuma before dark.we have been kinda of home bodies not to much happening around here. Looks like some folks we know are arriving in "Q" (Quartzsite AZ)for the big happening this month as most RVers are aware of it is truly amazing to see all the RV's that invade this small town in the winter time. We will probably go up for a day soon. Hope all of you are doing well and have safe travels.

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