Thursday, August 19, 2010

Niagara Falls NY

Hi again Kathy & I arrived here the 16th staying in a nice but small RV park in North Tonawanda about 7 miles from the falls. We decided to take a two day tour of the falls so on Tuesday we did the American side. Our driver picked us up at the park and we picked up about 15 others along the way. we were driven to see the Whirlpool where the river changes direction after the falls and that change in direction causes a Whirlpool very impressive as the water is moving around 22 knots. and is in class 5 rapids. Next up is the maid of the mist a boat tour that carries around 200 passengers to the bottom of the American and Canadian falls hence the mist they give everyone a poncho and believe me you will get wet but it is a great view and you really sense the power of the water.Next up was the Cave of the winds you are given a poncho and sandals taken down in n elevator and follow the board walk to the base of the falls here you get really wet and that water is cold but it is so cool to be there.You take elevator back up and then have time to walk over and view the falls eye level which is a great view first day over. Next day picked up again and driven to Canada (need passports)we dove around the area and seen the beautiful gardens and viewed the Whirlpool from the other side and could see where the water leaves that area on its way to lake Ontario. next up was a trip under the Canadian falls and viewed thur tunnels and yes you have ponchos as you get wet there also. The next stop was Maid of the mist from the other side but sense we did that the day before the others were dropped off and Kathy and I were treated to the world famous fallsview Skylon tower 520 feet tall with an observation deck and revolving restaurant you can see both falls and surrounding area this is an awesome 360 degree view and was the best. Kathy and I had a great time. If you are in this area please take the time to see the falls We will leave tomorrow on our way to Ohio and that will be another story. Safe travels

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