Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi again from Boerne TX . Last night at the rally Mark & Renita Bracken had a work shop on wire wrapping and most of the women (Kathy included) practiced wire wrapping while most of us Men set around telling each other how we solved world problems (yes alcohol was involved) but what we notice most was how quiet the women were while diligently practicing wire wrapping so there fore we voted Mark & Renita as having the most enjoyable workshop at the rally. Seriously all the folks that held seminars & workshops had great presentations. It rained all day today but we had fun ruining around practing what we learned in geocaching workshop this morning from Bob & Greg and this afternoon John & Lora told of their travel to and around Alaska quite a few folks here have been and the rest of us want to go. We have also learned about volunteering at fish & wildlife refuges from Ron & Linda I know we've all learned something here while eating drinking and laughting escapees are wonderful folks and yes odd years still rule.

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