Tuesday, October 26, 2010

El Paso TX (Ft Bliss)

Hi all you blog fans.We Arrived 20th Oct and are parked at Ft Bliss fam camp. Our Grandson Josh is stationed here and the 22nd was his 20th birthday.Offered to take him out or cook for him he said he was ready for a home cooked meal. We had a great visit and its good to see him growing into a fine young man. He is adjusting to the army life and likes what he is doing but if he told us what it is he would have to kill us. (LOL) Also Saturday we had my Cousins daughter and family down from Las Cruses Barbie,Mike, and there daughter and two grand kids a 5 and 2 year old nice looking kids. I wished I could have a third of there energy. We had a great visit its been many years sense We've seen them. We seen Josh again last evening and maybe again tonight,anyway we will leave here tomorrow and land in Tucson for a while. I know you all will be on pins & needles waiting on my next post. until then safe travels.

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