Monday, June 7, 2010

Monk's RV park

We arrived back in Paragould AR.(Monk's RV park is my bother-in-law's home). there have been improvements made sense our last visit some weeks back.The drive way has 26 new tons of chat (gravel rock) and elect hook up has been upgraded to 50amp. have I ever told you he is my favorite brother-in-law. Anyway we are here for 8 days Kathy needs to have a medical test done(sonogram) every six months to keep an eye on a spot on one of her ovaries for growth that was found over a year ago, and we will visit family also. It has been hot and humid so the A/C runs a lot and no big storms so far. The gardens are growing an some fresh veggies are available daily. Until later,safe travels.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Would you believe it is even HOT here in the Colorado mountains at 8,400 feet? Yesterday it was 90 degrees, pretty unheard of in this area.