Monday, August 23, 2010

Salem Ohio (Small Bump)

Hi Gang well we are in Salem Ohio arrived here Friday towed in by a strange truck. We had a check engine light come on followed by a see dealer now message. Well we were on a two lane road and 20 miles from Salem where we had planed to spend the weekend anyway. and then a few miles out the truck lost power a few times so panic and stress entered my brain. As there were no place to pull over no shoulder to pull off on. Found a small business and pulled into their parking lot and while Kathy was on the phone with "Good Sam road service I went in and asked them if we could use their parking lot till a tow truck arrives they said no problem. The truck ran so we repositioned our home and disconnected. In about 40-50 minutes two trucks arrived and the roll back took our truck to dealer and the other took our home and us to the park (Stoneridge Terrace) nice campground that has Passport America discount We called ahead to get the spot lined up and I called the Dealer to brief them on the truck. They said they would get on it first thing Monday We called enterprise rental car and scheduled a pick up on Saturday morning for car. We had friends in the area that we planned to see Paul & Connie Anderson,called them and they wanted to help in anyway but we declined. We picked up our car Saturday and done our weekend grocery shopping and then invited Paul and Connie over for a visit. We haven't seen them in two years so we got caught up on our travels and made them stay for dinner then reluctantly let them get home before dark. They were staying in a COE park near by. Its always always great to see folks we have met in this lifestyle some of you know what I'm talking about.We picked up our truck today, they took good care of us a few parts and a little money and it looks like we are back in business. We will leave here Wednesday and go to Wooster Ohio to visit family we plan on staying at the fair grounds.Well before I close this I will ask for Prayers for Two RVing friends of ours Jay & Fay Carter. Jay will be having brain surgery Thursday or Friday for a mass that was found a few days back and yesterday Fay had a heart attack in her hotel room. They put in two stents today and she is recovering but Im sure she is worried about Jay. please keep them in your Prayers. Sometimes when we have bumps in life they are very very small compared to others. Until later safe travels.

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