Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hendersonville Tenn.

Hi gang. We arrived at Gages Bend C.O.E. park the 21st this is a great park on Old Hickory Lake we have a nice spot overlooking the lake,but is it ever hot and humid. Oh well we will make the best of it. We stoped here to visit old friends that we have know for decades the Alexander's Peggy and Carl they gave up fulltimeing after 20 years and decided to settle here to be near family.They have some great stories to fill our ears about their travels. Peggy fell a few days before our arrival and said she was doing ok but when we seen her on Tuesday she was in great pain. We realized that we couldn't get her in the car to take her (after much persuasion) to emergency room so called 911 and they transported her. Come to find out after MRI that she has a broken hip. They operated today and she came thur it with flying colors. We have been helping out the family with taking care of the house and Carl. He has trouble getting around also. Getting old really does suck. If all goes well we will leave Friday If not we will stick around and help out here. until later safe travels .

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