Monday, April 19, 2010

Canyon lake tx

Arrived here Saturday had no problems with road closers do to local flooding. the parking spots here are spacious with great view of the lake and woods. We set up and then went to meet Kathys nephew (Kevin & family) for dinner in New Braunfels. The restaurant was a converted old grismill located on the Guadalupe river food was good with a great atmosphere. We drove back to the park at night dodging the deer in the rain. Sunday Kathy put her birdfeeders out and it took about 10 min. for them to find them. I don't know how she does it but she has a way the birds The nieghbors came over with a bag of corn and ask us to please feed the deer and use it up.All you have to do is put the corn in a can and rattle it and the deer come a running their grandaughter had been feeding them and the were leaveing this morning very nice folks who are from South Pardre island one thing about this life style is you meet really nice people. Howie and Norah arrived in the afternoon and after they got set up we visited and went for a walk. We were invited over last evening to play Wii and we went bowling (in a motorhome) had a great time Now kathy has instructed me that we are going shopping for one today hopefully the Glovers will go with us,after all they got Kathy all fired up over it. Later safe travels.

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