Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lake O' the pines, Texas

Arrived here Monday another C.O.E. park near Jefferson Texas we are parked by the lake and have great views. Kathy is happy as they have a good variety of birds here,been a little windy the last couple days .We went into Jefferson today to get fuel and go to post office the town is small and very old but very well restored old homes and buildings. Jefferson claims to be the Bed & Breakfast capital of the USA and I believe them as we seen a lot of them for only a 2200 folks who reside here. This town goes back to civil war days and was a "port town" for shipping goods to support the war effort. As you can imagine it has a colorful past. We found a little BBQ cafe in town and it was great (River front cafe) if you are ever here it is a must go to place. There was a beautiful sunset this evening over the lake, so I had another beer to truly appreciate it and Kathy and I went for a walk after dinner. They are having a bass tournament this week end so there are quite a few bass boats moving around checking the lake over for hot spots. A older GMC motor home parked next to us today. I talked to the owner its a 1978 and looks and runs great I've always like them but they are to small for fulltimeing. We will stay one more day and then move on. Later and safe travels.

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