Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tomah (FT McCoy) Wiscinsin

WE arrived here Thursday pm stopped overnight @ Shabbona lake State park (Shabbona IL) where Kathy picked up two new birds on her life list, nice little park with elect only. This is our first visit to Wisconsin and some hardwoods are beginning to change along with the weather.A little cool here in the low 50s at night and mid 60s daytime with some rain in between. We plan a week here this is a Army training base and covers a big area they have a great Fam camp here but is pricey compared to other military camp grounds.Kathy's brother Butch and sister in law Barb will come down Monday for a two days from Minneapolis its been a few years since we have seen them.Butch did his summer camp here when he was in the reserves many years back. looking forward to their visit. We will be heading south when we leave here not sure which route we will take yet but plan to stop in Ark. for a few days to visit family before heading to AZ for the winter. As you know by now our plans are written in jello so when I post again it could be from anywhere. Hope everyone had a great time at the 50th escapade in Goshen. Later and safe travels.

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