Monday, August 9, 2010

Brandywine WV & Cumberland MD.

Hi gang well we just spent a week at a Navy base fam camp (See Bee park) near Brandywine WV. They have put in three FHU spots for 10.00 a night its a great little base but what makes it special is that everybody there bends over backwards to make your stay with them special. Kathy and I stayed there (First time) to visit my two long lost sisters that live in upper tract about 20 miles away We had a great visit with them and their families. West Va is so beautiful biggest draw back is there is no verizon cel service and very limited wifi in that area we would have stay one more week if we would have had communication with the outside world. We left there today and are in Fintstone MD near Cumberland (Yea we have cel service and wifi again )we will visit my aunt (last one left) and cousins that live here, all are great folks after all they are related to me. My cousin Butch and I look so much a like that we could be brothers, hell maybe we are. We will be here three days and then move on into PA to visit Ron & Linda our class of 2007 fulltime RVers classmates. Until later safe travels.

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