Thursday, July 14, 2011

Astoria Oregon

We arrived at Camp Rilea army guard base yesterday. They have 10 full hookup spots and it is quiet except when they have small arms training and even then its not too bad. The base is about 5 miles south of Astoria in a small town called Warrenton. It rained most of the night and the sun did not show its self today. We will be here till the 21st and then move on up into Washington. There is much history here. Lewis & Clark's found the Pacific ocean and spent the winter here before heading back east to report to the people and congress of their exploration of the west. The mouth of Columbia River is here and shipping, commercial fishing and logging was big business once. The River is quite remarkable and the town is very picturesque. We will explore the area this week meantime the weather is a factor but I'm sure the sun will shine soon (I hope). Not much going on with us we are just relaxing and catching up on small things like cleaning the house inside & out.I was hoping the rain would do my job but it just made it look worse. Oh well woe is me. Until later fans safe travels

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