Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back in Tucson

Hi all you few fans out there. I guess I need to bring you up to date as I know you have been on pins & needles waiting on a update. We left Tucson the 9th of Nov and went to the NASCAR races in Phoenix We met our good friends up there Jack & Carol and this year is different as we are giving up our RV spots. We plan on not going back at this point as the pricing is getting out of hand and they give you less & less for your money. Hopefully we can catch a race somewhere on our travels as we really like the races.Anyway our friends feel the same and this race was special as it could be our last one at Phoenix.We came back to Tucson for two days to clean up our home on wheels and dump and then we left for Deming NM the 15th to visit friends as they are getting up in age and no longer travel we had a good visit and came back to Tucson for a while till around the 17th Dec. We are I should say Kathy is getting ready for Thanksgiving at our daughters home and our grandson who is in the army is coming with his bride to be so most of the family will be there.I hope all of you can be with family sometime during the holidays.Well that's about it for now will post again when we go to Yuma for a few months. Until then have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels.

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