Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sutherlin Oregon

Kathy and I left Beale AFB Tuesday. We drove US 70 and 99 to I-5 there was so many orchards mostly nut and peaches just mile after mile. I use to think that the land of fruits and nuts was about something else not farming!!!!! We stopped in Mount Shasta (14162 ft) for the night stayed at Abrams lake RV resort nice little park among the big pines. with a nice view of MT. Shasta covered with snow its hard to believe you are only at 3800ft and not 7000ft northern Calf. has a lot of beauty. We left there this morning after setting out with a couple cups of coffee and a last view of the big mountain. We arrived here at Sutherlin (SKP) park early PM. We were here a few years back and enjoyed it here. We have a dear friend (Pauline) who lives in Winston about 15 miles south of here we will visit with her and family and catch up on old times She lost her husband in 2009. We will be here till 3 July and head to Lincoln City on the coast. All the river's are running full so fishing will be good through summer Temps are in mid to high 70's and 50's at night and stay that way for the next 5 days,can't get any better than that.Until later folks, Safe Travels.

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