Monday, June 6, 2011

Coarsegold CA SKP park of the Sierras

We arrived here around 3pm In spot 328 plan to stay at least one week. Lots of folks have been telling us about this park and it really is beautiful here. Had fun setting satellite up with all the tress but got er done.Kathy has hummingbird feeders out and they are starting to feast so guess who's happy.Had water dripping from basement cover this morning nothing wet in basement no water lines leaking so dumped black tank and kitchen tank and after getting ready to tow went in and turned water pump on for a while it did not recycle so think it is kitchen gray tank maybe fitting or crack. There is a RV tech guy here so will look him up and see if he wants to check it out after all that's why we have Good SAM extended service plan will report about this later. We have a RV class mate Paul Anderson who has suffered a major heart attack and is in real serious condition so Please keep him and his Wife Connie & family in your prayers Our problems are so small compared to others. until later folk's Safe travels.

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