Friday, June 10, 2011

coarsegold update

Sad news yesterday our RV friend Paul Anderson pasted away from heart failure. Met Paul & Connie in Quartzsite AZ Jan 2008 at our class (2007)graduation. Met up with them again at Gypsy Journal rally in Casa Grande, Gillette Escapade, and last seen them in Ohio and Goshen IN last year where they taught us how to play Hand & Foot. Rest in peace Paul and Big Hugs go out to you Connie, May god be with you.

Kathy & I went to Yosemite Wed. What a grand national park all the falls were running and the scenery was awesome Kathy put a few pictures on her blog as I haven't achieve that ability yet ( anyway put this park on your bucket list.

The RV tech guy came by after I drop belly panel enough to view gray tank. Filled tank to where it backed up in sink and no leak so wiggled lines and tank and water started leaking where drain line attaches to tank anyway he will try and repair leak after he picks up epoxy at least know where leak is and it will be good as long as don't overfill oh well such is life on the road. weather has been great here we will leave Monday and go to Beale AFB for maybe a week until then safe travels.

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