Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hi fans Its been a while sense I've posted so thought I would bring you up to date.After we left Oregon we stopped by Sacramento CA to visit our friends the Glover's for a few days. Howie is there for cancer treatment and the prognoses looks very good and Norah is in good spirits.Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts.We left there and spent two days in Bakersfield and then one night at Edwards AFB. We stopped one night in Needles CA and then went to Yuma AZ for a week to see son. we stayed at the Yuma Army Proving Grounds they have a good Fam Camp there and we soaked up the sunshine and heat which we haven't had all summer. We also visited Mexico and I had my teeth cleaned and Kathy picked up stained glass hummingbird insert for our front door it looks great. We spent some time with son who had foot surgery in Feb when we were here and now after his rehab is doing great it was so good to see him walking normal as when we left Yuma in April he was in cast & using crutches. We left Yuma and stopped in Casa Grande and had lunch with our good friend Jack & Carol Van who live there and we will see them again at the NASCAR races in Phoenix in Nov. We arrived in Tucson the 21st and are staying at DMAFB fam camp. We went to dinner with or Daughter Karen grand-daughter Briana and son-in-law Jeff it was so good to see them again Kathy got her hair cut Saturday and Jeff took me to the Arizona basketball red & blue game it looks like they will have another great team. Briana will graduate in Dec. from the university of Arizona nursing school and we are so proud of her. Our grandson Josh will get married in Dec also.We will be very busy in the month of December. with family and we still have all our friends to visit also.I hope this has brought you all up to date and hopefully i didn't leave out anybody or stops as some of you know how great our memories become with the ageing process If anyone is in the area give a call and hopefully we can see you. So until later safe travels.

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