Saturday, October 1, 2011

Winchester Bay,Oregon

We arrived Thursday pm and are in a great park (Winchester Bay RV Resort) its a little pricey but what the hey we are on vacation. this park looks over the bay and salmon & crabbing are the big thing here. The weather is wet and looks like it will be here for some days but we will leave here Monday and go up to Roseburg for a few days and then head down I-5 towards AZ. So far we have had a great summer up here in the Northwest and have had some good times. The ocean views have been awesome and both Oregon & Washington do a great job on protecting the shores and have some great state parks. We have a good friend who can use some prayer's Howie Glover has lung cancer and will be operated on soon the prognosis looks good as they found it right away and it hasn't spread so keep him & Norah in your prayer's I ll close for now so until later Safe Travels.

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