Thursday, March 19, 2015

Back in Casa Grande

Kathy and I went down to Tucson the 5th to the 15th March for the 55th Escapade  we were on the Parking crew and three days parked 850+ RVs  We had fun with  a lot of our RVing friends we have  met over the years told numerous stories and got caught up on everyone's travels and plans.this lifestyle allows you to meet wonderful folks and to stay in contact with them threw the internet ,Facebook and blogs . A wonderful time was had by all. We are back in Casa Grande until it starts getting to hot and then will head to the Pacific Northwest for the summer. We are doing well and enjoy the folks in this Park (Rovers Roust SKP park) Well folks just wanted to catch you up and give you some idea of our travels and plans hope all of you have fun and safe travels were ever you are.

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