Thursday, February 26, 2015

Leaving Yuma

The month is almost  gone we will leave here the 1st of March and go back to our lot in Casa Grande will only be there 4 days and then go to Tucson on the 5th for the 55 escapade we will be on the parking crew and will have a reunion with a lot of our  2007 RV classmates and all the good times that go along with the escapade. will leave Tucson on the 15th and go back up to Casa Grande till the weather gets hot usually around the end of April and then on to the Pacific Northwest for the summer. We have enjoyed our stay in Yuma for two months  and  seeing one of our sons who lives here. Not much to add I haven't posted in a while so thought I would try and catch folks up on where we are hiding and plan to hide for a while  know we will see many of you soon so until later safe travels.

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