Friday, January 22, 2016

keeeping you up to date

Well friends and family I see my last post was around Sept 10th 2015  at that time I was going to give up this blog as most folks I know were on Facebook and posting there but I was looking back on some past blog posts and when I want to rant and rave or expand lol, Facebook is really not the place even tho a lot of folks do it, I will try to briefly catch you up on our travels. We had the truck transmission changed out in California back in Oct and proceeded on our way back to AZ for the winter along the way we spent a week in Las Vegas at Nellis AFB  and visited our long time Paula who lives in Henderson NV had a great visit then spent a night in Lake Havasu AZ to visit a friend who Kathy worked with in Tucson. Our next stop was in Casa Grand where we have our RV lot we spent the rest of our time in 2015 with a few days in Tucson at our daughters and son in laws house during Christmas  on the 3rd of Jan we moved to Yuma will be here visiting our son till 1st march then back to Casa Grande till the temps hit 90s then we will hopefully find cooler temps. If our plans hold up we plan to be in Essex Junction VT in July for the Escapees RV club escapade  we are signed up to work on the parking crew  and have a great time with many of our RV friends hopefully we will travel the east coast down to Florida then back to AZ in late Oct as many of you know our plans are written in jello and subject to change at any given day so hopefully all goes well and we can visit family and friends along the way Not sure when I'll post again but thinking it wont be this long again.Until later safe travels to all,.

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