Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in Tucson.

Hi all you followers  I haven't posted in a while We arrived  back in Tucson around the 6th Nov  stayed at DMAFB while we did Dr appointment's and visited with family and friends.Next we went up to Casa Grande AZ Rovers Roost SKP park where our RV lot is. That was our first stay on it sense we bought it in April  We had a concrete pad poured for a storage shed ( a tuff shed which will be build on 9th Dec.)  and also had brick patio put in. We arrived the 22nd  in  Tucson and are parked at our Daughters & son -in laws home. for Thanksgiving and will leave tomorrow (28th) and go back up to Casa Grande I hope all of you can have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones we have so much to be thankful for and i hope you do also. Kathy's brother is doing ok we talk to him  almost every day and he seems to be doing good considering his illness.  Our Granddaughter has moved back toTucson and is doing great she started to work a week ago Its good to have her back here and glad we do not have to travel to NC to see her although we had a great time with her this summer.Well until I get off my lazy butt and post again have safe travels.  

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