Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Camp Lajune marine RV park at Onslow beach NC

We are here to visit our granddaughter who is a nurse in Greenville NC.and she arrived today for a three day visit. Its always great to see her.and are planning a few more visits before we leave this area the 12 of Aug.  She works 3 12 hour days and is usually off for 4  so it gives her a few gays at a time still not sure if its the beach that she really enjoys or seeing us lol.  Its  always a joy to see her and spend time catching up on our lives. Our plans are to leave here the 20th and go to Virginia Beach for 8 days before returning here again for a two week stay. We will get to see her a few more times before leaving this area and are so looking forward to those other visits. That's about it for now. Until later safe travels.

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