Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Still doing rehab

Its been a while sense I posted the knee rehab is getting better each day  still not fast enough for me but I never was blessed with patience all in all I'm doing good. will be here till middle of May.we have a good RV parking spot in the middle of town and the weather has been good. We got a call from the SKP park(Rovers Roost) in Casa Grande and were offered a lot we drove up there and decided to take it it had two sheds which we had removed already and will need new gravel before we can put it in the reatal pool. will take care of that soon we plan to put a new storage shed on it in the fall and move our stuff up there from Tucson Really don't know how much time we will stay there as we like to spend some time in Yuma also oh well we will see.Kathy will have surgery end of month and will need a couple weeks recoverey time before we head out for the summer.Our Grandson has returned from Guam and will see him soon and our granddaughter was back here for a few days it was good to see here and her boyfriend of six years. we will go see her this summer in NC. anyway hope all you folks are doing good and have safe travels.    

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